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Monday, 17 September 2012


happy monday everyone!

how was your weekend? mine was a little up and down, but overall, quite nice.

i say it was up and down since it started with a funeral on saturday morning. funerals are never fun or anything to look forward to, but as far as they do go, it was a lovely service full of love and respect. we all grouped together to mourn our friend and like i said, it wasnt fun, but it was nice and we all felt slightly better after paying our respects to our friend and his family.

anyway, the rest of saturday was a bit of a write off. we (work colleagues) did group together afterwards to have a quiet drink (pineapple juice for me!) in honour of our friend, our own private wake if you will. but after an hour or so, most of us were pretty drained and ready to go home and try to block out the mornings events, even if for a little while. when i got home, DMan had his parents over to our place. His dad was helping him put up our new storage shed (which didnt end up actually UP, since they realised they didnt have the right tools for the job half way through!) and his mums usual chatter about anything and everything was a nice distraction for me. i got to hear alot of stories about DPants as a baby, which i always love to hear, and since falling pregnant, ive been getting told ALOT of them lately. its lovely. we ended up in bed pretty early saturday night,  both drained from our days.

sunday was the day to turn things around! we woke up somewhat earlier then usual (well for me anyways, before 10! wow) and with the sun shining through the window, we decided not to waste the day in the house, but to spend it out in the great weather down in fremantle. we invited our friends to lunch, but they all had other arrangements, so it was just the two of us. which turned out just fine for me :) we had a great lunch at a local brewery, where D got a tasting plate of 8 beers! (happy D!) and we discovered that a massive Ferris Wheel had moved into town! shows how often we visit Fremantle, if we didnt even know about it! i made a deal with DMan that if he paid for lunch, id pay for our ferris wheel ride (i think he may have gotten ripped off! but shhh) and it was just lovely. i adore ferris wheels, but theyre very rarely in town, except for when the big Royal Show is on, and even then, the wheel thats there is small and old and rickety. this one was massive, and had air conditioned pods, so it was a MUST. so was the icecream we enjoyed (but didnt need) before returning home.

so yeah, all in all it wasnt a bad weekend. yesterday was just what i needed after saturdays events and i woke up this morning refreshed and ready to head back to work for another week of ugh. (despite not sleeping well)

hope everyone else had a good weekend too :) now for some random iphone pics

happy D with his tasting plate (one of the beers was a chocolate coconut flavour! crazy)
my delicious fish and chips!
Ferris Wheel! i think i turned back into a 5 yr old as we were walking towards this!
nawww <3
finally painted my nails with my birthday nail polish. thanks S!
yep, we really do only have 3 months to go! oh my! (oh and dont worry, Captain is only a nickname!)


Thursday, 13 September 2012


the phonecall i received on sunday was not expected, and most defiently not welcome.

hearing the voice telling me that you, someone i loved, cared about, respected, admired and worked with every day for 5 years, was gone...was unbelievable and extremely heart breaking. you were an amazing person and friend and it still hasnt completely sunk in.

going to work every day and still seeing your name, your handwriting, your desk, everything, is horrible. its gut wrenching to see everyone else that loved you suffering. you were an incredible part of our team, and i just dont know if we'll ever recover from losing you. i feel so much pain and sorrow for your beloved wife and of course your cherished family. i barely spoke to you last friday, we were both so busy and everyone was grumpy, but you still managed to make me smile and laugh, as you had done every day that ive seen your smiling face. i feel regret for not having time to talk to you, but privileged for the time we did have. you were taken suddenly, and i know everyone wishes they had more time with you.

im not looking forward to saturday, for when we're all expected to say goodbye for the last time.

we love you. we will always miss you. RIP.

oh hi

i thought once i got the new laptop, id be more into blogging all the time, but no. things ahve been pretty darn busy, and ive been a total loser at taking daily pics of whats been going on, so i feel like i dont have anything interesting to share.

the "festival of Caris" (ie my birthday) continued into last weekend, starting with dinner at a friends place (while theyre in the US! - another mutal friend is housesitting) that was just lovely. it felt quite strange being in a friends place while they werent home, i still felt uncomfortable opening kitchen drawers and going through the fridge. the home cooked meal was absolutely lovely though, and a casual evening hanging out with great friends was much appreciated.

saturday was such a lovely sunny day, we took advantage and all headed out to lunch at a lovely new bar/restaurant (www.empirebar.com.au) that has a great beer garden/outside restaurant with an awesome view of the city in the background. it was just perfect sitting out in the sun and enjoying great food and drinks (lemonade for me of course!)

by the time we got home saturday, we were wrecked of course. leaving the house and sitting out in the sun for a couple of hours really takes it out of us these days! haha. instead of staying in and being bums though, we headed off to the movies. on my bday, DPants made a promise that we'd go to the movies and see WHATEVER i wanted. this couldve ended badly for the DMan, since he loathes romantic comedies, and i usually love them, but alas, nothing new/noteworthy was out this week, so instead i chose to re-see FINDING NEMO, in 3D!! was still awesome and since i never caught it at the cinema when it was first released, seeing it on the big scree, and in 3D, just made it an amazing site. and even D didnt mind reseeing a kids movie on a saturday night just to make me happy!

sunday morning i headed off to brunch with 2 of my fave girls Z and H! we went to a very very popular spot for sunday mornings, and werent quite prepared for how busy it was going to be, but after only a 15min wait on the pavement outside, we were seated and ready to go. we had a delicious breakfast and lots of yummy fresh juice (my apple juice actually still had bits of apple in it!) and it was great to catch up with them. H had just gotten back from a 6 week trip to the outback with her fiance, and since Z has started dating a new man, she hasnt been around much either. but somehow we always manage to see each other pretty often, so im not complaining!

sunday afternoon was spent on the floor in our spare room (that will hopefully become the nursery if we ever get our asses into gear!) sorting out random drawers/storage boxes and being ruthless in chucking unwanted/not needed things out. it was tough and i was exhausted by the end of it, but i got alot done so i was pretty happy at the end of the day when i could settle in and watch the newest doctor who episode (DINOSAURS!!)

sunday night didnt end so great though....and the past week at work has been hell as a result...but more on that in the next post...

Thursday, 6 September 2012


ok last catch up post for the night, just a couple of random iphone pics that i wanted to share.

FINALLY bought a new bedspread! after living together for over a year, i finally managed to find a bedspread we both love. not too girly, but no longer just plain black either. best thing is, it was only $12 !!!
some of the beautiful faces in my life. i love them all. theyre sooooo adorable!! (haha shouldnt be saying that about my brother T in the last pic, since hes over 19 now, im supposed to say hes "handsome", but no, hes still adorable to me!)


it was my 27th birthday yesterday! i had a great day and got a tidbit spoilt! DMan, his parents, my parents and my sister all pooled some money together and bought me a new laptop! its another HP Pavilion, since i loved my last one, and I love this one. so much much more! DPants even let me open it a day early :)

i had gone down south to visit my parents the weekend before, to see my dad to celebrate fathers day and to have an early bday party with some family. it was great, we had some family over for dinner, and had cake, and i got presents! my mum bought me a beautiful guess hand luggage bag for me to use for a hospital bag when i go and have bub, plus some fancy pretty thongs to wear too. my nanna gave me some really cute slippers, some lovely hand creams and some cash so i can go and buy myself anything i like. i had a great time.

beautiful flowers that mum and dad got delivered to my workplace on my actual bday
amazing hamper from my bestie J! this also got delivered to my workplace and was a huge surprise. but a great one of course! cant wait to devour everything in this box!
us on our dinner date for my birthday. cant believe i didnt actually take any pic of us together! what a fool!
my DELICIOUS pasta dish for my birthday dinner. it had chicken, avocado, mushrooms and cheesey yummy white wine sauce. it was amazing and i ate the whole plate! unfortunately, when it came to dessert, the piece of white chocolate velvet cake that id been eyeing off all night was stale! boo! we handed it back, and didnt get charged for it, but i was still bummed that i didnt get some cake! haha.

peanut update!

so like i mentioned, im 26weeks along now, well over half way and really starting to feel it! bub is moving around so much constantly, but its still exciting and new everytime i feel a little kick or flutter. DPants has been lucky enough to feel a few kicks now too, which is so cool. its so sweet to see his face light up everytime he feels our baby move. i think hes started to get really excited, and the usual mr-cool attitude is starting to slip and make way for a very giddy dad to be!

we've had alot of tests and scans lately, its been a bit full on. but so far everythings come back clear and good. and all signs point to a healthy and happy baby thats growing a at great rate.

im still doing well in terms of morning sickness/pregnancy side effects. still trying to stay away from too much garlic (it gives me the worst acid reflux ever!) and trying my best to eat well and stay active. im getting really big, and have days where i feel like the size of a house and cant find anything to wear (cue pregnancy tantrum and a few tears!) but things are well.

we actually picked up some nursery furniture today, but since its not put together yet, ill share some photos when that happens. starting to slowly plan my baby showers (yes, im having 2) aswell. cant wait!

20 weeks!
big mumma!
look at this little munchkin face! oh my, my heart breaks a little every time i look at this pic! ok, yes im biased, but that is such a great photo, and it looks like he may already have my nose. also yes, the cord is around his neck right now, but ive been assured that its ok at this stage and that hes fine and healthy in there. cant wait to meet him! (pic @ 23weeks)

Nanga 2012

ok so first up, is our annual holiday. ok i say annual, but we've only been two years in a row now, but hey, it counts! so every year (for 2 years) we head up north to a place called Nanga Station in Shark Bay. its an 800km drive away, which we did in about 9 hours with stops. my sister came with us in our car, and pretty much slept the entire way! lucky her! we fished, we laughed, we tanned. it was awesome!

our view from our little holiday shack every day...bliss
first day on the beach, ready to go fishing with dad!
the big beautiful blue. always so clear and lovely.
daniels biggest catch of the week! its a Pink Snapper, which unfortunately youre not allowed to keep in that area, so we catch and release, and just enjoy the fun of it!
my proud dad holidng my biggest catch. (i was too squeemish to hold it myself!)

of course, being in Shark Bay, we also caught sharks! i caught this tiny little "black tip", but again, too squeemish to pose with it! was a cute little thing!
my not so cute fiddler shark! this thing was weird, but fun to catch (and release of course)
the fiddler shark doesnt have teeth and looks super weird from underneath! nevermind my fatty pregnant lady arms!

as i may have mentioned, it was an awesome holiday! cant wait to go again, hopefully we'll make it next year, but by then we'll have a 9 mth old baby and who knows if we'll be up for a 9 hr car drive with him?!?



Is everyone well? I'm great. Things have been so great and busy lately, and like i mentioned, my laptop died and work computer wont let me blog, so thats why ive been missing.

so heres whats been going on lately...

we went away on our annual family holiday with my parents and sister. 9hr drive away and onto the coast and into the sunshine. it was a lovely week away and was so nice to be off from work. we got to go fishing out on my dads boat almost every day, visited to dolphins and had some great relaxing family time.

speaking of family, our bub is still growing! and going very very well. lots of kicking and movement now, since im more then half way through! ive only got about 14 weeks to go, its getting very exciting! but also im getting very nervous.

oh and it was my birthday yesterday! hence finally being able to blog, since i got my new laptop! i had a great birthday despite having to work, and definetly got spoilt by everyone, which is always nice. im 27 now, and it finally feels like everythings coming together. i might actually be becoming a bit of a grown up! shock! but baby, partner and buying a house this year definetly sounds more grown up then before!

ok, so on to some catch up posts & pics! (which ill do seperately coz it just seems easier for me!)