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Thursday, 6 September 2012


it was my 27th birthday yesterday! i had a great day and got a tidbit spoilt! DMan, his parents, my parents and my sister all pooled some money together and bought me a new laptop! its another HP Pavilion, since i loved my last one, and I love this one. so much much more! DPants even let me open it a day early :)

i had gone down south to visit my parents the weekend before, to see my dad to celebrate fathers day and to have an early bday party with some family. it was great, we had some family over for dinner, and had cake, and i got presents! my mum bought me a beautiful guess hand luggage bag for me to use for a hospital bag when i go and have bub, plus some fancy pretty thongs to wear too. my nanna gave me some really cute slippers, some lovely hand creams and some cash so i can go and buy myself anything i like. i had a great time.

beautiful flowers that mum and dad got delivered to my workplace on my actual bday
amazing hamper from my bestie J! this also got delivered to my workplace and was a huge surprise. but a great one of course! cant wait to devour everything in this box!
us on our dinner date for my birthday. cant believe i didnt actually take any pic of us together! what a fool!
my DELICIOUS pasta dish for my birthday dinner. it had chicken, avocado, mushrooms and cheesey yummy white wine sauce. it was amazing and i ate the whole plate! unfortunately, when it came to dessert, the piece of white chocolate velvet cake that id been eyeing off all night was stale! boo! we handed it back, and didnt get charged for it, but i was still bummed that i didnt get some cake! haha.

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  1. WOW that hamper looks amazing! You must be forever in debt to the fabulous person who got that for you :-P Look at how pretty the flowers are. Oh, and yes, you're a doofus for not getting a pic of you both together! xx