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Thursday, 13 September 2012

oh hi

i thought once i got the new laptop, id be more into blogging all the time, but no. things ahve been pretty darn busy, and ive been a total loser at taking daily pics of whats been going on, so i feel like i dont have anything interesting to share.

the "festival of Caris" (ie my birthday) continued into last weekend, starting with dinner at a friends place (while theyre in the US! - another mutal friend is housesitting) that was just lovely. it felt quite strange being in a friends place while they werent home, i still felt uncomfortable opening kitchen drawers and going through the fridge. the home cooked meal was absolutely lovely though, and a casual evening hanging out with great friends was much appreciated.

saturday was such a lovely sunny day, we took advantage and all headed out to lunch at a lovely new bar/restaurant (www.empirebar.com.au) that has a great beer garden/outside restaurant with an awesome view of the city in the background. it was just perfect sitting out in the sun and enjoying great food and drinks (lemonade for me of course!)

by the time we got home saturday, we were wrecked of course. leaving the house and sitting out in the sun for a couple of hours really takes it out of us these days! haha. instead of staying in and being bums though, we headed off to the movies. on my bday, DPants made a promise that we'd go to the movies and see WHATEVER i wanted. this couldve ended badly for the DMan, since he loathes romantic comedies, and i usually love them, but alas, nothing new/noteworthy was out this week, so instead i chose to re-see FINDING NEMO, in 3D!! was still awesome and since i never caught it at the cinema when it was first released, seeing it on the big scree, and in 3D, just made it an amazing site. and even D didnt mind reseeing a kids movie on a saturday night just to make me happy!

sunday morning i headed off to brunch with 2 of my fave girls Z and H! we went to a very very popular spot for sunday mornings, and werent quite prepared for how busy it was going to be, but after only a 15min wait on the pavement outside, we were seated and ready to go. we had a delicious breakfast and lots of yummy fresh juice (my apple juice actually still had bits of apple in it!) and it was great to catch up with them. H had just gotten back from a 6 week trip to the outback with her fiance, and since Z has started dating a new man, she hasnt been around much either. but somehow we always manage to see each other pretty often, so im not complaining!

sunday afternoon was spent on the floor in our spare room (that will hopefully become the nursery if we ever get our asses into gear!) sorting out random drawers/storage boxes and being ruthless in chucking unwanted/not needed things out. it was tough and i was exhausted by the end of it, but i got alot done so i was pretty happy at the end of the day when i could settle in and watch the newest doctor who episode (DINOSAURS!!)

sunday night didnt end so great though....and the past week at work has been hell as a result...but more on that in the next post...

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