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Sunday, 25 March 2012

best face...

while i was downsouth i had to of course take some time to visit the cutest little girl ever! Riley is so awesome lately, shes hilarious to hang out with even if shes super touchy and can be so cute yet so psycho 5 mins later! oh and lately, shes been doing this hilarious thing where if you pick up your phone, she assumes immediately its because youre going to take a photo of her and she smiles. but not like a cute accidental smile, its a full on forced smile that just ends up making her look silly (but still gorgeous of course!) heres the face.....its the best :)

i love how she strains her face to "smile" for the camera, but she just ends up looking all wonky! its hilarious! and whenever theres a phone out, shes making this face! even if youre not even pointing the phone at her, or even looking at her! sooooooo adorable! xxx

a few more...

now that my laptop is working better, heres the last couple of pics from my holiday :)

 our one day of proper sunshine, this was our view for most of the day. so pretty. such a clear blue sky.

 me enjoying the sunshine on our one hot day! this was up on the roof of the boat, and i was determined to sun bathe even if it was for only 15 mins or so coz it was sooo hot up there. sunshine, cold drink and a harry potter book = happy caris :)
hahaha dont mind what hes doing to his eyes in this pic! geee. this is taylor cracking a smile on our last night on the boat. so happy he had a great time and we had a family holiday with all of us together :)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

my holiday (finally!)

ok so ive finally gotten around to getting my holiday pics on my computer and organised! so i thought id share some with you. like i mentioned before, we had a great week away on a houseboat down south. taylor's carer and her son came with us to lighten the load of looking after him, and we all had a ball.
 our lovely house for the week. it was just like a big extra wide caravan! had 3 bedrooms and a good size bathroom and toilet considering the size of the house.
us on the shore ready to unload all our stuff onto the boat.
 the helm :) fully equipped with a couch for a captains chair!
 my sis ami enjoying the ride (and the wind!)

one of our crabbies!! we caught about 7 or 8 crabs every night while docked at the jetty, and had them for lunch every day! delicious!!
 my dad in his happy place. in the sunshine, in a boat, with a beer and his family. he took us out in the dinghy to go fishing a few times. we didnt catch a thing!

 this darn pelican kept hanging around! so we fed him some of the small fish we were catching :)
taylor chilling in the sun. he wasnt a big fan of the boat when we were travelling, but whenever we were moared somewhere he was loving being out in the sun and wind with us

i almost caught a stingray! oh my, it was hard hard work! dad set up my line with a live bait and promised me itd catch a stingray. i really didnt believe him, but he was right! i hooked onto a stingray and managed to keep it on there for about 20 mins! and for a while i was winning. (dont worry, we werent planning on keeping the stingray or doing anything to it, we wouldve just let it go immediately) but at about the 20 minute point when i was getting really super tired the line snapped and the stingray won. it was hilarious, and so much fun, but man was i tired afterwards! and i spent the rest of the week sore and bruised from my fight. it was awesome.

look at that rod! whoo hooo!

my misshapenned claw of a hand after the fight. took 15 mins or so to go back to normal!

ok so thats all my laptop is allowing me to upload at the moment, its starting to play up on me again! will add more photots when i get a chance. all up, as ive said before, it was an awesome week filled with lots of laughs and love. cant wait to do it all again soon! :)

Monday, 19 March 2012

im back!

yep im back from my short break down south with my family. all refreshed and relaxed. well kinda, im more exhausted, but thats to be expected after spending a week on a houseboat fishing, playing yahtzee, and laughing allll day long. we had a great time. my little bro enjoyed it too, which is the best bit becuase it really was all for him. its been a long week, and i have so many pics to go through, so i will be doing up a proper post about my trip once everythings sorted and im back into my normal day to day.

best bit is? im only back at work for like 4 weeks, then im off to bali! and one of those weeks is all easter stuff, helllo public holidays and short work weeks! whoo!!

hope everyone had a great weekend!


Thursday, 8 March 2012


as i mentioned earlier, im off on a short holiday next week! whoo hoo!
me and my family are heading down south to Walpole to stay on a houseboat for a whole week. im super excited. DMan isnt coming though, he couldnt geg the time off work so close to our Bali trip :( and my sisters partner isnt coming either. its going to be good though. just us and mum and dad. best part is.....

OUR BRO IS COMING WITH US! this is the bestest thing ever. we havent been able to holiday with him for probably about 10 or 12 years because its just simply too hard to mum and dad with everything he needs for his constant care. plus theres never anywhere to bath him at holiday places.
but this time its different. my mum and dad recently got a government grant which will help to pay for a full time fully trained carer to come with us on the trip. her and Taylor will be staying inland at the pub (haha, but its a good one. and has a fully appointed disabled room with a proper disabled shower and all that) at nights, so mum and dad wont have to stress about having to get up to him at all hours. and they'll join us on the boat during the day. so we can fish, play games, hang out, drink and enjoy all of us being together on holidays.

im super duper excited (can you tell?) and cant wait to share the pics when we get home. not sure what exactly what we're going to be doing all day for a whole week, but im sure we'll find things to keep us amused. mum mentioned that we may even go into town one day and go up and do the tree top walk. we've done it once before, but its beautiful and id love to do it again. specially with Taylor in his wheelchair!

pic from the houseboats website. looks soooo relaxing!

whoo! treetop walk!!

what i wore today...

now, my wardrobe isnt anything exciting or even very big, so i wont exactly be doing a "what i wore" everyday. but today i thought id share with you what im wearing for work...
(cardi, singlet and pants all from Target. necklace from Diva) 

this is pretty much typical of what i would wear to work everyday. we dont have a set uniform, but i keep my own kind of routine to what i wear so im not struggling to put something together every morning! and i also dont like to spend a bucket load of money on work clothes, specially while im losing weight, i have to replace alot of things in my wardrobe alot and it gets super expensive! plain black pants are my every day thing. even with the hot weather. id love to maybe wear a skirt or a dress, but it gets soooo freezing in my little office, id be miserable all day! im obsessed with the purple colour of this cardi, i want to wear it all the time!

quick note

although in the last post i said it was wednesday, it s actually thrusday now that ive finally published it. my computer kept playing up and it took me so long to get through everything, but i got there in the end! :)

this week has been super busy at work. we've only got a 4 day week, but since im on holidays next week (whoo hoo) i want to get everything squared away. and i have to do some training with J so she can cover some of my jobs while im gone.

my dinner tuesday night :)

im trying to start eating a bit healthier lately. although i have my lapband to keep the weight off, i find that i tend to eat quite unhealthy because the naughty foods go down a little easier. its odd. i cant eat lettuce, but i could eat cheesecake all day long!
so this is my starting attempt. yes theres still mash potato on the plate. but thats my fav food, and i gotta get my carbs! theres also a nice piece of fish. but look at that salad! it takes up half the plate on its own! theres carrot, cucumber, avocado, tomato, beetroot, cheese, corn and egg. yumm! i also took the same (minus the fish and potato) for lunch at work the next day! whoo hoo healthy caris :)

loooong weekend

happy wednesday everyone!

its taken me soooo freakin long to get around to posting about my lovely long weekend (we had a public holiday in our state) so im just gonna bash it out now, and hope i dont miss anything!

last week at work was a pretty busy and annoying one. with not alot actually happening! grrr face. so i was super happy when friday rolled around!

friday night DPants and I went to a local theatre and saw the hilariously wonderful Ross Noble do stand up. if you havent heard of him, or havent seen any of his shows, then check him out. hes an english comedian who's notorious for not sticking to any one subject and leaving the crowd completely confused, but utterly entertained. ive seen him about 4 times live now, and own a bunch of his dvds, so its safe to say im a fan! no photography was allowed once the show started, which is why i only have a couple of crappy pics of the stage, and of me and DMan eargley waiting for it to start.

trying out a side part for my new hair style. im still so bored with it and not totally in love with it. but at least a side part looks ok. well i think it does at least.

saturday was spent being a little lazy and slow to get started. but after lunch we headed into the city so DMan could go and pick up his comics and i could have a wander around and window shop. we're trying to be a little tight with money while we save for our holiday, so window shopping was all i was allowed! haha. actually thats not entirely true, DMan let me get all girly and ridiculous and try on an engagement ring that i spotted in a window and loved. once it was on my finger though, i realised it definetly wasnt the style i ultimately want, but yay for D letting me try it on without freaking out! hahaha poor boy.

saturday night was spent on the couch watching a movie (Inglorious Basterds. I FINALLY watched it! and loved it) with D and his friend J. Oh and getting my ass kicked by my sister at words with friends. Look at that score! 143 for 1 word!! arghhh! how am i supposed to even compete with that! but i tried very hard not to be a sore loser and finished the game with the final score being about 175 to 443. i think shes going easy on me in our next game though, because ive been winning the entire time. i think shes worried if she keeps winning i wont want to play anymore. but im not like that :p

sunday morning i went out to breakfast with the girls (H and Z) to have a nice catch up and hear all about H's engagement! it was such a romantic story and im so so happy for her and M. he planned it perfectly and managed to keep it a surprise right up until the last second! after a few years of thinking that every romantic event was going to end in engagement, and being a tad disappointed, H had come to stop expecting it. which was perfect because it meant it was going to be a complete shock for her! and it was! and shes super estactic, and cant wait to start planning. and although Z and i are not going to be bridesmaids (shes just having her sisters) we're super excited to help her out with anything she needs. we even went and checked out a location for her engagement party while we were all together. unfortunately, i blanked out on taking any pics of our outing! silly me!!

sunday night, it was time to party! (since monday was a public holiday!) it was D's friend S's 30th bday party and we were all super excited to get dressed up and head out for the night. S had a loose theme of "hollywood" style, which translated to not exactly dress up, but just to dress a little "fancy". which is what we did! dont be fooled by D's outfit, hes actually wearing shorts! and thongs! hahahaha. he still looked a little spunky though. i was so happy to find my bargain dress that i bought waaaaay over year ago still fit and hadnt gotten too big for me. i call it my bargain dress because i got it for $15, marked down from $150!!! although, when i bought it, i didnt have anywhere to wear it! D took me to dinner at one of Perth's super fancy restaurants (Coco's) when i first bought it, but i hadnt worn it since. i still love it so much, and paired it with my favorite blue sparkly heels.

The lovely S's. SH & SL on the entrance. Birthday girl is SL on the right. Both these lovely ladies went to high school with DMan and theyre all still great friends. i have so much fun with these two and adore them both. 

oh geez i have the crazy drunk eyes! hahaha this pic was taken towards the end of the night, after a few too many alcoholic slushies! but we were having fun. the doofus with his hands in the air is A, SH's partner. hes hilarious. specially after a few drinks.

 all in all it was a great night. ive tried several times to upload more pics, but my computer is being an asshat and wont do it. so oh well. monday was a bit of a recovery day. didnt get out of bed til 11. spent the morning cleaning the house. after lunch we went and visited D's grandparents. which was lovely, had a nice coffee and some cake and caught up on all their adventures (they just got back from 4 weeks in New Zealand)


Then i spent the rest of the afternoon baking! i made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (and sprinkles for fun!) and some chocolate brownies. never made brownies before, so was very happy that these were a success.

ended up in bed pretty early Monday night to try and get some sleep for my crazy work week ahead. was a great weekend though, even if i am exhausted.