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Monday, 17 December 2012

40 weeks!!

hi everyone!

well tomorrow is my due date! and still no baby! which, of course, is fine, since im not technically due, but i really did think we'd have this bub a little early. not sure why, but i 'had a feeling'. well obviously that feeling was wrong!

heres a quick catch up of whats been happening the last few weeks. (it is mostly baby stuff, so if thats boring, feel free to skip. and if you follow me on instagram @princesscaris, you may have already seen these pics)

nursery organising!

i assure you, the cot is now empty and theres plenty of space for baby in there!
drawers are full! hence the extra storage baskets.
so ive been spending my nesting days getting more and more organised for this baby. his nursery is all ready to go, but its looking quite sad all empty and no baby! wish he would hurry up! hehe. we're just getting very impatient. and boy have i been nesting. i even steam cleaned and scrubbed our microwave inside and out! so glad i did, that thing was gross. but ive found more and more little nitty gritty things to clean as time goes on.
i will admit that ive also tried some so called 'natural labour inducing' tips. but to no avail just yet. havent gone too crazy. just been walking alot every day, daily 'special time' with D, slightly spicy food (well spicy for me anyways) and a few exercises that are supposed to help move things along. im not willing or desperate enough to ftry castor oil or anything like that, but im open to suggestions from anyone who's heard other things to try. im a little wary of side effects (hence not wanting to try castor oil) but if i get more desperate, i will be going to get some raspberry leaf tea, and maybe even some evening primrose oil.
hospital bags, all packed and ready to go!
pram all ready to go!
we've also installed both car seats (we were lucky enough to score one for each car! yay for not having to swap them between cars all the time) i love them. and i love our pram (graciously bought for us by DMans parents, spoilt!) its the Steelcraft Strider Compact. I originally wanted the Strider Plus, but was disappointed when it wouldnt fit in my car! (I have a Holden Astra) it would fit if i took off the large wheels everytime i put it in the car, and i was not keen on having to do that, specially during winter. but the sales assistant let us know the Compact was on it its way in stock, so we waited, and yay this one fits perfectly in my tiny boot! we went with a bassinet for the first 6 mths or so, and have the regular seat for after that. cant wait to see little munchkin riding around in there!
some treats for baby
the onesie is from one of my cousins, and i love it so much (i actually used to play drums in a couple of bands, so it hits a very special spot in my heart. not that ive played for years, and i dont even own a kit anymore. makes me slightly sad) she actually got the idea for it from my pinterest! http://pinterest.com/princesscaris/ i really didnt think anyone actually paid attention to what i pin, so i was super suprised and impressed when she plucked this from my baby board and got it for us!
the book also holds a special spot in my heart too. it was my absolute favorite when i was a kid (god knows why) and when i saw it at Target for like $5, i couldnt resist buying it for bub. hope he loves it just as much as i do! i also hope that i can find the other one i used to own (My Hippopotamus is on Our Caravan Roof Getting Sunburnt)  coz i used to love that one too.
i also bought (online, hence no picture as i havent received it yet) "The night before Christmas" book. which was a christmas eve tradition at my parents place to read that before bed. and i cant wait to start doing that with Baby Edwards (if he ever arrives!). every christmas eve, we'd have a nive family dinner at the table, get in our pjs, wait for it to get dark enough and go for a family drive around our little town to look at all the christmas lights, then come home, brush teeth and read the story together. i loved it. still do. if im ever home on xmas eve, i still read the book to my little brother (even if he is 19 now! and doesnt really care for it!!) i just cant let go of that mushy gooey family love feeling it used to give me whenever christmas came around. so he can suck it up and hear the story dammit! haha fingers crossed the book arrives before next week, and so does the baby, so i cant start this tradition in our little family immediately!!
speaking of my home town, we had a flood! well a minor one, there was ALOT of rain, and alot of water everywhere, but no one got hurt, and no permanent damage has been done to any homes or shops. just minor stuff. i think the worst of it is in the above picture. Thats our Velodrome. FILLED WITH WATER! TO THE BRIM! thats insane! luckily its actually across the road from the river, so it wasnt hard and didnt take long to get it sorted out. im super glad that everyone was ok and my parents, and grand parents places were both untouched.
Merry Xmas to me!!
mum decided this year that since neither me or my sister were making it home to her and dad on xmas day this year (sadface) she would just give us money to buy our own christmas presents. so i splurged and bought my first ghd! ive always wanted one, and i got the gold max, which has the widest blade for thick long hair. i cannot wait to use it! hope its worth it, i figured that since i spend $100 or more on a straightenner almost every year (i use it every single day) that if the ghd lasts me at least 2 years, then its worth it. i also bought myself a nice cute new diary for next year and a glittery nail polish set too. thanks mum!!
40 week belly!
this pic was taken this morning! full on preggo now! cant wait to meet our little one! hoping we can decide on a name before he gets here though!! any suggestions!
i might not be on here for a while, im hoping ill have lots of cute baby pics to share once i get the time to blog again. but who knows?!? cross fingers for me!!