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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Month 1

Ok, so I'm going to attempt to recall the last few months of our new life with Declan, hopefully I can remember it all!

I had an amazing experience giving birth to him, it really was incredible. and its so true when people tell you you'll fall even more in love with your partner when you see them hold your baby for the first time. I swear, I cried more about that then anything else! The labour and birth went so well, the best anyone could hope for really, and when it was over, I just could not believe he was finally here, real, and in my arms.

Our hospital and all the midwives were amazing, I couldnt have asked for anything better. I even managed to score a private room (I went in under public health rather than private), I guess being christmas, the only women in their having their babies were like me, surprises, rather than scheduled births.

After staying in hospital for 2 nights, we took our sweet new baby home to try and figure out our new life. and I'm happy to say, things started off quite smoothly, and have continued like that since. At first though, Dec had his days and nights around the wrong way! hello no sleep for mumma & daddy! but we managed quite well (I think). Dan managed to get 6 weeks off of work, so that worked out great for me! (and him too I guess).

With Declan being born on xmas day, all our plans, and our families plans got thrown out the window, but we did manage to eventually to a "Christmas" lunch with everyone (seperately) over the next week. My parents drove up from down south and stayed all day, it was awesome. just like real christmas (except i usually go home to them) but mum bought up all this amazing food and wouldnt let me do a thing! Dans parents helped immensly aswell. the first few weeks were just a blur of people coming over everyday, with the excuse of 'seeing if i needed any help' or 'catching up' but I know of course, they were all there to see Declan and steal as many cuddles as they could!

so yes, the first month was absolutely amazing. there were alot of ups, and naturally, there were a few downs. I managed to make it all through the pregnancy without getting overly emotional. I think I only cried for no reason maybe twice. So, I figured, after having Dec, I would probably make it through without much tears. Boy oh boy was I wrong! all the tears that didnt come out while pregnant, sure did show up afterwards! and mostly over breastfeeding. I always wanted to at least try to breastfeed, and I had always hoped it would work out for me and my baby, but at the same time, I was fully aware that it does not work for everyone, and for whatever reasons, some people just cant do it. and theres no shame in formula feeding, I mean, your baby's gotta eat right? but more on that another time, this post wasn't supposed to get super serious!

So all in all, the first month was incredible. we learnt so much about ourselves and what we are capable of. we are very lucky that there were no complications with the birth or afterwards. I recovered well, as did Declan, and its been smooth sailing ever since (in my opinion anyways!)

Now, no more boring stuff, photos!

so teeny in his rocker! he slept in this almost every night for the first month, since he simply hated sleeping on his back!

haha milk drunk

some tummy time with daddy. this is one of my favorite pics from the first month.

our sleeping angel. we ended up using this pic for our 'Thank You' cards
on the rare occassion that Declan would sleep on his back, this was the position. hahaha

first bath at home. he was sleepy

Declan with Poppy (my dad). It just melts my heart to see my dad cuddling his grandson

and of course, dad has already purchased Declan a fishing rod! when he was about 3 weeks old. silly dad. it is pretty cool though, theres LED lights in the reel that light up when you're winding!

Declan with Great Nanny (my Nanna). She is absolutely besotted with her first great grandson. Its beautiful the way they look at each other

our little baby zebra
first smile caught on camera! I refuse to believe it was just wind that created that grin!

a wonderful friend of my mums hand sewed this amazing blanket for Declan. It's incredible and I can't believe someone would go to that much trouble for me and my little boy. Can't wait for him to start using it!

doing some hand/feet discovering. wasnt too keen on the feet socks, and kicked furiously until they came off!

Declan absolutely HATED getting his nappy changed for the first two weeks. Everytime we layed him on the change table he would scream until we picked him back up. It was horrible. Enter the Winnie the Pooh Musical mobile! as soon as we hung that above him, he has been obsessed! and now he simply loves getting his nappy changed or even just being on his change table in general. it was amazing the change, best purchase ever!

Declans first family xmas party (a few weeks after xmas). And his very first pic with "Santa" (my 18 year old cousin Kodie). It was a great family day and he actually seemed to enjoy meeting all his 2nd cousins and great aunts & uncles. Well, he slept through most of it, even while being passed around to everyone for cuddles, so I count that as enjoying it!
So, month 1 recap down. Boy that turned into a long post. Month 2 will be up soon, and I'll try and keep it shorter!