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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


did anyone watch the entire coverage of the oscars? or just the red carpet, then bits and pieces? i didnt watch either. since i was at zumba last night, i missed watching the red carpet, and i only caught about 5 mins of the actual show, i watched Bret McKenzie gethis award for Best Original Song for his Man or Muppet song which was featured in the Muppets Movie (obviously). it was awesome that he won! and his speech was pretty funny!

plus he looked great in his tux too!

i havent really done a fashion post of this sort before, but id like to share some of my fav looks from the night, and of course, some of my not so favorites.

 Octavia looked awesome. Her Tadashi Shoji dress looked amazing and fits her perfectly.
I'm not normally a Gwyneth fan, but this Tom Ford dress looks superb on her. Not a big fan of her hair, but she looks polished and well put together. a Win for sure!

There were alot of people that didnt like Kristen dress, but i thought she looked great. she may have been overdoing the nude colour a bit lately, but she still looks wonderful in this. her hair is awesome lately too.
Now for a bit of colour! Emma is so so pretty, and this colour on her is great, I just wish she didnt have that great bit bow around her neck. it takes focus off her awesome face!
again, this wasnt a favorite for most, but its MERYL STREEP! shes amazing, and always looks well put together. at least her dresses fit her well and suit her style, even if the colour is a little over the top. (and congrats on the win too!)
these two very rarely get it wrong on the red carpet. Although, im quite sick of Brads long hair, and while Angelina obviously looks fantastic, she was overdoing the whole 'look at my awesome leg' routine in that dress!
another dress that im divided on. She looks great, it fits her well and has just the right amount of bling. i just think that maybe if it had been a nicer colour, she may have won more hearts with it. i love her though, shes hilarious.

and now for my least favorites. yes these were at the vanity fair after party, but thats because i couldnt see anything from the red carpet that i disliked more then these! these 3 lovely ladies are all so pretty, i dont understand what goes wrong when they get dressed for an event. Claire's dress isnt too bad, but the colour and the mesh neckline just do not translate into a great look for her. Elizabeth's dress looks see through in some parts, and again, the high neckline does nothing for her face or figure. and dont get me started on the blue feathers (?). Now Janaury, we've seen her look amazing in alot of dresses at alot of events, but this is just all kinds of no. she looks like a tree for starters. then theres her hair. and the red lipstick to match? no. just no.

speaking of bad hair.... im getting so sick of Katy Perry's blue look shes been going through lately. It was cute while she was promoting the Smurfs, but thats been and gone. her hair style is a great cut on her, i just wish she'd go back to brown, or even blonde! other then that, she looks great. her dress is beautiful.

and now for a quick shout out to the boys (cant forget them!)

they looked great! Jason has a slightly surprised look on his face, but is very handsome. and im so impressed with Johan Hill and well hes been scrubbing up lately! its not just the weightloss though, hes grown up quite a bit in the last year or so and is looking pretty fine lately. and of course, George. Always George. He is just the height of the dapper gentlemanly look that every girl is after isnt he? Haha :)

(all pics via http://www.celebuzz.com/)


well hello!

hows everyones week so far? i know its only tuesday, but stuff couldve happened!

not much for me im afraid, except for the riveting news that Z and I finally started going back to ZUMBA last night! hahahaha. was hilarious, we're so out of shape and uncoordinated all over again, like when we first started going! its been about 6 months since we last went (naughty) but im so glad we did. was heaps fun, and i feel a bit better for having done some excercise. next Monday is a public holiday here, so we wont be able to go to that one, but we're hoping we still have enough motivation to just go to a different class on another night, rather then skip a week all together.

ooo, but something exciting has happened. my lovely friend H got engaged! whooo hooo!! so excited for her and M! its been a long time coming (theyve been together for almost 8 years) and i cant wait for all the wedding talk thats going to be happening in our little group soon. oh and the ring is beautiful! he did very very well. i wont put a pic of it on here, as im not sure she'd appreciate that, but its exactly what she wanted and shes very happy.

yay for people in love!

hopefully today continues to be a good one!


well happy Monday everyone! (ugh that sentence just doesnt sound right! happy? on a Monday? noo! haha)

how was everyones weekend? Mine was pretty great. kinda quiet, but in a nice way. the end of last week was a little bit of a blur. I had Thursday off sick from work. although i wasnt technically sick, i had had a sore throat for a few days, and woke up with a migrane Thursday morning. on what is kinda a 'nothing' day for me (both bosses werent going to be around), i felt that i could take a personal day to ease my head and throat. and it worked wonderfully! i slept in til just after 12pm!! and spent the rest of the day on the couch watching old eps of gossip girl. wonderful afternoon. got over my headache and my sore throat disappeared too so win win!

Friday wasnt great at work. got the news that my managers father had passed away the night before. which was very sad to hear. he had been sick with cancer for quite some time, so while it wasnt a shock, it still wasnt the best news obviously. So after a bit of a crappy day, I was really looking forward to Friday night! H, Z and I all headed out to our fav spot, Mint, as we do on Friday's because they play all the classics from the late 80's thru to the 90s (hello Hanson!!) We hadnt been since R moved to London, so we were all looking forward to it! and it was a great night. so much fun dancing and laughing the night away together.

excuse Z's drunk face! in the interest of saving money, i did the sensible/boring thing and drove. So only had a couple of drinks, but we still had a blast regardless. we all did agree by the end of the night that we're getting a bit old for all nighters, so we left just after 12am. I had a big drive ahead of me on Saturday anyways, so needed some sleep!

So yeah, Saturday morning, quite early for us (8am!) we got up and left for Collie. its only a 2 hour drive south, but sometimes it  feels like forever! lucky for me, DPants drove the whole way! whoop whoop! it was a nice weekend with my parents and my sister. Little bro was away on a camp for the weekend, but i got to see him for like 2 mins as we were leaving, so thats something. Mum and dad are in the process of renovating their kitchen at the moment, so the house was a bit of a construction site. mums having a bit of 'fun' coming up with things that can either be cooked in an electric frypan, or on a camping stove. and everything is outside, fridge, cupboards, everything. lucky they did this during summer!

 the remains of what was once mums kitchen. we've lived in that house for 20 years, and have slowly renovated quite alot of it. so the kitchen was next. that lovely brickwork in the second pic is the remains of what would have been the original stove/fire from when the house was built. mum and dad didnt even know it was there, there was another fire built right over the top of it!

the view as you walk in the front door. that is our sitting room that used to be a massive games room. they divided it into a sitting room and behind that wall there is a 'carers' room. a small bedroom thats connected to my little brothers room for when support workers stay over night to care for him.

cant wait for the kitchen to be finished! its going to look so great. and after all this time, mum is FINALLY getting a dishwasher! bit unfair that she gets it now we've all moved out, haha, but finally!

the rest of the weekend was pretty good. we had family friends come over for drinks on Saturday night to celebrate mums birthday that was during the week. and sunday was spent visiting my grand parents and  visit from this little munchkin :)

haha classy pose Riley!! your mum (http://www.2-jaded.blogspot.com/) must be so proud! hahahahahahaha

all in all a good weekend.

Oh and in other news, we finally got all our paperwork for our holiday to Bali that we've booked for our anniversary in April! so excited. itll be our 2 year anniversary, but we've never been on a holiday just the two of us! we live together, so i know we'll be fne, but its still exciting! plus DMan hasnt been to Bali before, so i cant wait to show him around!

Happy Holidays indeed!

aaaannnnddd..... I got a hair cut! a dramatic one! well ok, not super dramatic, but ive been wearing my hair long (very long) for about 4 years now, and ive had it cut to just above my shoulders! eeep! i needed a change though. my hair was getting very scraggly and unhealthy, so it had to be done. looks super healthier already.

not the best pics im afraid. i took these at my desk at work, so the lighting is all funny. but you get the jist of it. i still dont love it yet, i feel its a bit boring or something, but maybe once i have a play around with it and learn how i can style it, ill feel better about it.

Happy Monday! (well its Tuesday, but since I started typing this on Monday, and intended to post it last night before i fell asleep on the couch, Im just going to pretend its still Monday!)

Monday, 20 February 2012

is it Monday again already?

jeez, the weekends are getting shorter and shorter. how was everyones?

mine was busy.

had some silly brainwave that it was a good idea to give up my Saturday morning and go into work. With things being so crazy with people on holidays and off sick, I've been covering alot of different jobs all at once while struggling to keep mine on track. But alas, my filing has gotten out of control. There is just never enough time during the week for me to work on it for an hour or so without getting interrupted. So since I was free, and I do get paid for any overtime I do, I went into work for 3 hours. And dispite still getting interrupted and annoyed, I still managed to get a massive chunk of filing out of the way. So it was a productive morning, but my gosh I hope it doesnt become a regular thing. I love my Saturday mornings, even if I am just on the couch being a bum.

this is just a small example of what faced me Saturday morning. I had about 5 of these piles to sort, put in plastic sleeves, attach extra paperwork to and file away. Sigh.

On Friday afternoon, DMan's best mate Squashua had msgd and suggested we all do something Friday night. DMan being the old man that he is, decided that nah, we wouldnt be going out, too tired from the week and I was secretly so glad to not have to leave the house. we just sat around and watched Aracnophobia (which was on tv) and I later regretted watching it, as I had spider nightmares all night afterwards! one huge horrible spider I can deal with, but swarms and swarms of medium size ones attacking a house? no no nooooooo too much for Caris!!
But with us being party poopers, Squashua's next suggestion was to have a bbq with everyone on Saturday night. Great we thought, what a lovely idea, I'll bring potato salad! that was until he replied with 'yeah, at your house by the way!" hahahahaha how lovely of him to host a bbq and invite all our friends to it, at our house!! but it worked out great in the end. Me and DMan spent all Saturday afternoon cleaning the house and sweeping up outside and yes, I did make potato salad.  We ended up having a great night, lovely food and good friends. just what we needed. but since we're all getting sooooo old (I'm the youngest in our group at 26 haha) we were all yawning and ready for bed at 11.30! no more late partying for us!

Sunday was a great day too. Slept in Sunday morning, didnt get up til abotu 10.30! perfect! I had promised DPants on Friday that I would make him breakfast at some point over the weekend, so I got into that straight away. After reading some directions online, and watching a youtube video on it, I finally mastered the art of POACHING THE PERFECT EGG! yay!!! i have never been able to do it right, but love love love poached eggs for breakfast, or just quick delicious snack. I did mine using the cling wrap method, and it worked perfectly! we both had delicious english muffins with avocado and poached eggs on top!


Sunday afternoon I went to a friends place and listenned to her new spiel about her new career path shes venturing on. After working in the Banking and Finance industry forever, shes decided to give something else a try and has become a consultant for a Lingerie brand. They do home parties, similar to tupperware or body shop parties. didnt get as many girls turn up as she had originally invited, but she did very well. and i think she'll be a great seller for them. and since there was only a small group of us, we basically just spent the afternoon eating cupcakes and trying on pretty bras. was a great afternoon! 
Sunday night, we went out to dinner with DMan's parents and one of his sisters (and her fiance) to a nice little pub in Victoria Park. The Publican was a great place that I had never been before. But it was lovely. The food was amazing. Only downfall we noticed, the place was pretty busy with customers, there were about 7 or 8 tables of more then 2 people, but there was only 1 waitress for the whole place! I'm not sure if they underestimated how busy theyd be, or if others had called in sick, but 1 waitress for an entire restaurant is not enough! although, she did handle it very well. and we may have waited a little longer to get our order taken, or for our plates to be cleared, but she was still lovely and didnt appear to be too "stressed" or annoyed at anyone.

ok, I havent been the most diligent at taking pics of whats been happening lately, so I have to admit that I've taken this pic off of the pubs website (http://www.thepublicanbar.com.au/) but this is the Crispy Skin Barramundi with creamy mash potato, brocollini and lemon butter sauce. All but one of us had this dish, and it was delicious. and it did look exactly like this photo! was so yummy. fish cooked to perfection, sauce all nice and buttery without being over powering and potatos mashed exquisitly. was yummo!

we had a great night, but it was so nice to come home and relax at the end of it. DMan went to bed almost as soon as we got home, but I stayed up watching tv (Iron Man AND Clueless were on!!) and pinning the hell out of everything on pinterest! im becoming obsessed! (www.pinterest.com/princesscaris) check me out! and if you want an invite, just let me know! oh, but if youve already got one, let me know so I can follow you!

Im glad I stayed up later then I should have, because my friend R (who moved to London in January) came online and I got to chat to her for the first time in ages! was awesome. was so nice to hear from her, and hear all her crazy stories! sounds like shes having an amazing time, wish I had to money to go visit it. Oh but its sad too, I miss her so much!!

hahaha we're so adorable!!!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your week goes well! I'm looking forward to the weekend already!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

worst blogger ever...

omg - its official, i am THE WORST blogger ever. i have been completely neglecting my blog and i feel terrible. truth of the matter is, my life has been quite boring lately so i havent had alot to blog about. i havent had any interesting outfits to post about, or bought anything new to brag about. but things are looking up! and i vow to blog alot more often in the future!

ok, so ill recap the last couple of weeks to get everything up to speed -

- my last trip down south to my home town was a qicky visit, but a great one at that. celebrated my cousins baby's 2nd birthday and got a quick visit from J (http://www.2-jaded.blogspot.com/) and her beautiful girl Ri.

will you look at this beautiful face?!? shes so gorgeous! i love how shes concentrating with a smile to get the duckie to sing to her. shes growing up so quickly and its been amazing to watch. i only wish i could see her more often. and her darling mother too of course! (hehe)

the most beautiful smile you will ever see in this world! happy 2nd birthday Jasper! we had a great family day celebrating this little munchkins bday with wonderful food, sun and lots of babies! seems like me and my sister are the only ones who havent bred yet! but we love it. its great to have so many beautiful little kids in our life without any of the responsibilities! oh, and i cant take credit for these pics, my awesome cousin N took them. i didnt manage to get a decent one all day!

i managed to get a bit of a family pic, even if you cant see anyones face!

hmmm...so what else has been happening?

well, valentines day has come and gone. me and DMan had already agreed not to do much for it. its a nothing day that really doesnt mean alot to us, we'd much rather save our effort and money for our anniversary. but regardless of that, i still got him a sweet card. also bought myself a cute (and sexy) new red lingere outfit, but that story is not to be shared on here! and i came home to a lovely bunch of flowers from him. cant complain about that! we had a great night. i made a delicious dinner, and wore my little outfit for him all night, yes even while we were bumming around on the couch watching tv. im pretty sure he appreciated the hell out of it, he was still thanking me for it today!

oh and also biggish news, we FINALLY booked our anniversary trip to Bali! yay!!! we've been planning to go for ages, and now its all booked and paid for. 2 months from now we'll be pool side with a cocktail and big smiles on our faces. its a present to each other for our 2 year anniversary, that and we havent been on a holiday just the two of us ever! we've got ourselves a lovely new hotel (bit on the budget side, but its brand new so itll still be shiny!) i absolutely can NOT wait!! its going to be the best!!

ok so thats the newest news in my life lately. work has been hella crazy while ive been covering for a couple of people on holidays, so im always wrecked when i get home. but that wont last much longer, and ill have more time and energy to focus on myself and my blog.

oh another cool thing, i FINALLY got a pinterest!! been waiting for an invite for soooo long! the lovely Rose over at http://www.thelondoner.me/ sent me an invite after i commented on her post and i cant wait to get started! mine is www.pinterest.com/princesscaris but i havent pinned anything yet! sorry to disappoint, but ill get there! im also on the lookout for people to follow. cant wait, so exciting!!


Wednesday, 8 February 2012


woah its been a while since ive posted! whoops, thats my bad. the reason being is that work has been super crazy last week and this one. plus i was away down south at my parents place for the weekend. have not let uploaded my latest pics onto my computer yet, but i have plans to do that tonight!

so new, proper and full of pics post coming soon! hopefully tonight if i can get some quiet time after DPants has gone to bed!