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Monday, 17 September 2012


happy monday everyone!

how was your weekend? mine was a little up and down, but overall, quite nice.

i say it was up and down since it started with a funeral on saturday morning. funerals are never fun or anything to look forward to, but as far as they do go, it was a lovely service full of love and respect. we all grouped together to mourn our friend and like i said, it wasnt fun, but it was nice and we all felt slightly better after paying our respects to our friend and his family.

anyway, the rest of saturday was a bit of a write off. we (work colleagues) did group together afterwards to have a quiet drink (pineapple juice for me!) in honour of our friend, our own private wake if you will. but after an hour or so, most of us were pretty drained and ready to go home and try to block out the mornings events, even if for a little while. when i got home, DMan had his parents over to our place. His dad was helping him put up our new storage shed (which didnt end up actually UP, since they realised they didnt have the right tools for the job half way through!) and his mums usual chatter about anything and everything was a nice distraction for me. i got to hear alot of stories about DPants as a baby, which i always love to hear, and since falling pregnant, ive been getting told ALOT of them lately. its lovely. we ended up in bed pretty early saturday night,  both drained from our days.

sunday was the day to turn things around! we woke up somewhat earlier then usual (well for me anyways, before 10! wow) and with the sun shining through the window, we decided not to waste the day in the house, but to spend it out in the great weather down in fremantle. we invited our friends to lunch, but they all had other arrangements, so it was just the two of us. which turned out just fine for me :) we had a great lunch at a local brewery, where D got a tasting plate of 8 beers! (happy D!) and we discovered that a massive Ferris Wheel had moved into town! shows how often we visit Fremantle, if we didnt even know about it! i made a deal with DMan that if he paid for lunch, id pay for our ferris wheel ride (i think he may have gotten ripped off! but shhh) and it was just lovely. i adore ferris wheels, but theyre very rarely in town, except for when the big Royal Show is on, and even then, the wheel thats there is small and old and rickety. this one was massive, and had air conditioned pods, so it was a MUST. so was the icecream we enjoyed (but didnt need) before returning home.

so yeah, all in all it wasnt a bad weekend. yesterday was just what i needed after saturdays events and i woke up this morning refreshed and ready to head back to work for another week of ugh. (despite not sleeping well)

hope everyone else had a good weekend too :) now for some random iphone pics

happy D with his tasting plate (one of the beers was a chocolate coconut flavour! crazy)
my delicious fish and chips!
Ferris Wheel! i think i turned back into a 5 yr old as we were walking towards this!
nawww <3
finally painted my nails with my birthday nail polish. thanks S!
yep, we really do only have 3 months to go! oh my! (oh and dont worry, Captain is only a nickname!)



  1. I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm glad that you are focusing on the good things :)

    1. thank you, thats very sweet of you to say :) x

  2. Pretty pretty nails Caris! PS - I just msgd you xx (and take your damn captcha off grrr!)

  3. love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D