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Thursday, 6 September 2012

peanut update!

so like i mentioned, im 26weeks along now, well over half way and really starting to feel it! bub is moving around so much constantly, but its still exciting and new everytime i feel a little kick or flutter. DPants has been lucky enough to feel a few kicks now too, which is so cool. its so sweet to see his face light up everytime he feels our baby move. i think hes started to get really excited, and the usual mr-cool attitude is starting to slip and make way for a very giddy dad to be!

we've had alot of tests and scans lately, its been a bit full on. but so far everythings come back clear and good. and all signs point to a healthy and happy baby thats growing a at great rate.

im still doing well in terms of morning sickness/pregnancy side effects. still trying to stay away from too much garlic (it gives me the worst acid reflux ever!) and trying my best to eat well and stay active. im getting really big, and have days where i feel like the size of a house and cant find anything to wear (cue pregnancy tantrum and a few tears!) but things are well.

we actually picked up some nursery furniture today, but since its not put together yet, ill share some photos when that happens. starting to slowly plan my baby showers (yes, im having 2) aswell. cant wait!

20 weeks!
big mumma!
look at this little munchkin face! oh my, my heart breaks a little every time i look at this pic! ok, yes im biased, but that is such a great photo, and it looks like he may already have my nose. also yes, the cord is around his neck right now, but ive been assured that its ok at this stage and that hes fine and healthy in there. cant wait to meet him! (pic @ 23weeks)

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