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Thursday, 6 September 2012



Is everyone well? I'm great. Things have been so great and busy lately, and like i mentioned, my laptop died and work computer wont let me blog, so thats why ive been missing.

so heres whats been going on lately...

we went away on our annual family holiday with my parents and sister. 9hr drive away and onto the coast and into the sunshine. it was a lovely week away and was so nice to be off from work. we got to go fishing out on my dads boat almost every day, visited to dolphins and had some great relaxing family time.

speaking of family, our bub is still growing! and going very very well. lots of kicking and movement now, since im more then half way through! ive only got about 14 weeks to go, its getting very exciting! but also im getting very nervous.

oh and it was my birthday yesterday! hence finally being able to blog, since i got my new laptop! i had a great birthday despite having to work, and definetly got spoilt by everyone, which is always nice. im 27 now, and it finally feels like everythings coming together. i might actually be becoming a bit of a grown up! shock! but baby, partner and buying a house this year definetly sounds more grown up then before!

ok, so on to some catch up posts & pics! (which ill do seperately coz it just seems easier for me!)

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