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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nanga 2012

ok so first up, is our annual holiday. ok i say annual, but we've only been two years in a row now, but hey, it counts! so every year (for 2 years) we head up north to a place called Nanga Station in Shark Bay. its an 800km drive away, which we did in about 9 hours with stops. my sister came with us in our car, and pretty much slept the entire way! lucky her! we fished, we laughed, we tanned. it was awesome!

our view from our little holiday shack every day...bliss
first day on the beach, ready to go fishing with dad!
the big beautiful blue. always so clear and lovely.
daniels biggest catch of the week! its a Pink Snapper, which unfortunately youre not allowed to keep in that area, so we catch and release, and just enjoy the fun of it!
my proud dad holidng my biggest catch. (i was too squeemish to hold it myself!)

of course, being in Shark Bay, we also caught sharks! i caught this tiny little "black tip", but again, too squeemish to pose with it! was a cute little thing!
my not so cute fiddler shark! this thing was weird, but fun to catch (and release of course)
the fiddler shark doesnt have teeth and looks super weird from underneath! nevermind my fatty pregnant lady arms!

as i may have mentioned, it was an awesome holiday! cant wait to go again, hopefully we'll make it next year, but by then we'll have a 9 mth old baby and who knows if we'll be up for a 9 hr car drive with him?!?

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