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Monday, 19 March 2012

im back!

yep im back from my short break down south with my family. all refreshed and relaxed. well kinda, im more exhausted, but thats to be expected after spending a week on a houseboat fishing, playing yahtzee, and laughing allll day long. we had a great time. my little bro enjoyed it too, which is the best bit becuase it really was all for him. its been a long week, and i have so many pics to go through, so i will be doing up a proper post about my trip once everythings sorted and im back into my normal day to day.

best bit is? im only back at work for like 4 weeks, then im off to bali! and one of those weeks is all easter stuff, helllo public holidays and short work weeks! whoo!!

hope everyone had a great weekend!


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