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Thursday, 8 March 2012

quick note

although in the last post i said it was wednesday, it s actually thrusday now that ive finally published it. my computer kept playing up and it took me so long to get through everything, but i got there in the end! :)

this week has been super busy at work. we've only got a 4 day week, but since im on holidays next week (whoo hoo) i want to get everything squared away. and i have to do some training with J so she can cover some of my jobs while im gone.

my dinner tuesday night :)

im trying to start eating a bit healthier lately. although i have my lapband to keep the weight off, i find that i tend to eat quite unhealthy because the naughty foods go down a little easier. its odd. i cant eat lettuce, but i could eat cheesecake all day long!
so this is my starting attempt. yes theres still mash potato on the plate. but thats my fav food, and i gotta get my carbs! theres also a nice piece of fish. but look at that salad! it takes up half the plate on its own! theres carrot, cucumber, avocado, tomato, beetroot, cheese, corn and egg. yumm! i also took the same (minus the fish and potato) for lunch at work the next day! whoo hoo healthy caris :)

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