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Thursday, 8 March 2012


as i mentioned earlier, im off on a short holiday next week! whoo hoo!
me and my family are heading down south to Walpole to stay on a houseboat for a whole week. im super excited. DMan isnt coming though, he couldnt geg the time off work so close to our Bali trip :( and my sisters partner isnt coming either. its going to be good though. just us and mum and dad. best part is.....

OUR BRO IS COMING WITH US! this is the bestest thing ever. we havent been able to holiday with him for probably about 10 or 12 years because its just simply too hard to mum and dad with everything he needs for his constant care. plus theres never anywhere to bath him at holiday places.
but this time its different. my mum and dad recently got a government grant which will help to pay for a full time fully trained carer to come with us on the trip. her and Taylor will be staying inland at the pub (haha, but its a good one. and has a fully appointed disabled room with a proper disabled shower and all that) at nights, so mum and dad wont have to stress about having to get up to him at all hours. and they'll join us on the boat during the day. so we can fish, play games, hang out, drink and enjoy all of us being together on holidays.

im super duper excited (can you tell?) and cant wait to share the pics when we get home. not sure what exactly what we're going to be doing all day for a whole week, but im sure we'll find things to keep us amused. mum mentioned that we may even go into town one day and go up and do the tree top walk. we've done it once before, but its beautiful and id love to do it again. specially with Taylor in his wheelchair!

pic from the houseboats website. looks soooo relaxing!

whoo! treetop walk!!

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  1. Yay for Taylor being able to go with you all!! He'll have so much fun xxx