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Saturday, 24 March 2012

my holiday (finally!)

ok so ive finally gotten around to getting my holiday pics on my computer and organised! so i thought id share some with you. like i mentioned before, we had a great week away on a houseboat down south. taylor's carer and her son came with us to lighten the load of looking after him, and we all had a ball.
 our lovely house for the week. it was just like a big extra wide caravan! had 3 bedrooms and a good size bathroom and toilet considering the size of the house.
us on the shore ready to unload all our stuff onto the boat.
 the helm :) fully equipped with a couch for a captains chair!
 my sis ami enjoying the ride (and the wind!)

one of our crabbies!! we caught about 7 or 8 crabs every night while docked at the jetty, and had them for lunch every day! delicious!!
 my dad in his happy place. in the sunshine, in a boat, with a beer and his family. he took us out in the dinghy to go fishing a few times. we didnt catch a thing!

 this darn pelican kept hanging around! so we fed him some of the small fish we were catching :)
taylor chilling in the sun. he wasnt a big fan of the boat when we were travelling, but whenever we were moared somewhere he was loving being out in the sun and wind with us

i almost caught a stingray! oh my, it was hard hard work! dad set up my line with a live bait and promised me itd catch a stingray. i really didnt believe him, but he was right! i hooked onto a stingray and managed to keep it on there for about 20 mins! and for a while i was winning. (dont worry, we werent planning on keeping the stingray or doing anything to it, we wouldve just let it go immediately) but at about the 20 minute point when i was getting really super tired the line snapped and the stingray won. it was hilarious, and so much fun, but man was i tired afterwards! and i spent the rest of the week sore and bruised from my fight. it was awesome.

look at that rod! whoo hooo!

my misshapenned claw of a hand after the fight. took 15 mins or so to go back to normal!

ok so thats all my laptop is allowing me to upload at the moment, its starting to play up on me again! will add more photots when i get a chance. all up, as ive said before, it was an awesome week filled with lots of laughs and love. cant wait to do it all again soon! :)

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  1. Haha Ian is just living for it in that pic on the boat with his beer! Urgh I'm feeling sea sick just thinking about being on a boat now :( xx