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Sunday, 25 March 2012

best face...

while i was downsouth i had to of course take some time to visit the cutest little girl ever! Riley is so awesome lately, shes hilarious to hang out with even if shes super touchy and can be so cute yet so psycho 5 mins later! oh and lately, shes been doing this hilarious thing where if you pick up your phone, she assumes immediately its because youre going to take a photo of her and she smiles. but not like a cute accidental smile, its a full on forced smile that just ends up making her look silly (but still gorgeous of course!) heres the face.....its the best :)

i love how she strains her face to "smile" for the camera, but she just ends up looking all wonky! its hilarious! and whenever theres a phone out, shes making this face! even if youre not even pointing the phone at her, or even looking at her! sooooooo adorable! xxx


  1. hahahahhaha oh no Im literally crying with laughter looking at these photo's of my little poser! She just keeps doing that face in EVERY pic lately haha xx

  2. shes hilarious. wonder who taught her how to pose like that?? hahaha ive seen you pull this face a few times (but mostly when youre under the influence of alcohol!!) now we finally can say she looks like you!!! xxx