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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


did anyone watch the entire coverage of the oscars? or just the red carpet, then bits and pieces? i didnt watch either. since i was at zumba last night, i missed watching the red carpet, and i only caught about 5 mins of the actual show, i watched Bret McKenzie gethis award for Best Original Song for his Man or Muppet song which was featured in the Muppets Movie (obviously). it was awesome that he won! and his speech was pretty funny!

plus he looked great in his tux too!

i havent really done a fashion post of this sort before, but id like to share some of my fav looks from the night, and of course, some of my not so favorites.

 Octavia looked awesome. Her Tadashi Shoji dress looked amazing and fits her perfectly.
I'm not normally a Gwyneth fan, but this Tom Ford dress looks superb on her. Not a big fan of her hair, but she looks polished and well put together. a Win for sure!

There were alot of people that didnt like Kristen dress, but i thought she looked great. she may have been overdoing the nude colour a bit lately, but she still looks wonderful in this. her hair is awesome lately too.
Now for a bit of colour! Emma is so so pretty, and this colour on her is great, I just wish she didnt have that great bit bow around her neck. it takes focus off her awesome face!
again, this wasnt a favorite for most, but its MERYL STREEP! shes amazing, and always looks well put together. at least her dresses fit her well and suit her style, even if the colour is a little over the top. (and congrats on the win too!)
these two very rarely get it wrong on the red carpet. Although, im quite sick of Brads long hair, and while Angelina obviously looks fantastic, she was overdoing the whole 'look at my awesome leg' routine in that dress!
another dress that im divided on. She looks great, it fits her well and has just the right amount of bling. i just think that maybe if it had been a nicer colour, she may have won more hearts with it. i love her though, shes hilarious.

and now for my least favorites. yes these were at the vanity fair after party, but thats because i couldnt see anything from the red carpet that i disliked more then these! these 3 lovely ladies are all so pretty, i dont understand what goes wrong when they get dressed for an event. Claire's dress isnt too bad, but the colour and the mesh neckline just do not translate into a great look for her. Elizabeth's dress looks see through in some parts, and again, the high neckline does nothing for her face or figure. and dont get me started on the blue feathers (?). Now Janaury, we've seen her look amazing in alot of dresses at alot of events, but this is just all kinds of no. she looks like a tree for starters. then theres her hair. and the red lipstick to match? no. just no.

speaking of bad hair.... im getting so sick of Katy Perry's blue look shes been going through lately. It was cute while she was promoting the Smurfs, but thats been and gone. her hair style is a great cut on her, i just wish she'd go back to brown, or even blonde! other then that, she looks great. her dress is beautiful.

and now for a quick shout out to the boys (cant forget them!)

they looked great! Jason has a slightly surprised look on his face, but is very handsome. and im so impressed with Johan Hill and well hes been scrubbing up lately! its not just the weightloss though, hes grown up quite a bit in the last year or so and is looking pretty fine lately. and of course, George. Always George. He is just the height of the dapper gentlemanly look that every girl is after isnt he? Haha :)

(all pics via http://www.celebuzz.com/)

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  1. I didn't end up watching it, but I have been looking at the red carpet dresses, which is always fun! Loving Emma Stone's dress!