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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

worst blogger ever...

omg - its official, i am THE WORST blogger ever. i have been completely neglecting my blog and i feel terrible. truth of the matter is, my life has been quite boring lately so i havent had alot to blog about. i havent had any interesting outfits to post about, or bought anything new to brag about. but things are looking up! and i vow to blog alot more often in the future!

ok, so ill recap the last couple of weeks to get everything up to speed -

- my last trip down south to my home town was a qicky visit, but a great one at that. celebrated my cousins baby's 2nd birthday and got a quick visit from J (http://www.2-jaded.blogspot.com/) and her beautiful girl Ri.

will you look at this beautiful face?!? shes so gorgeous! i love how shes concentrating with a smile to get the duckie to sing to her. shes growing up so quickly and its been amazing to watch. i only wish i could see her more often. and her darling mother too of course! (hehe)

the most beautiful smile you will ever see in this world! happy 2nd birthday Jasper! we had a great family day celebrating this little munchkins bday with wonderful food, sun and lots of babies! seems like me and my sister are the only ones who havent bred yet! but we love it. its great to have so many beautiful little kids in our life without any of the responsibilities! oh, and i cant take credit for these pics, my awesome cousin N took them. i didnt manage to get a decent one all day!

i managed to get a bit of a family pic, even if you cant see anyones face!

hmmm...so what else has been happening?

well, valentines day has come and gone. me and DMan had already agreed not to do much for it. its a nothing day that really doesnt mean alot to us, we'd much rather save our effort and money for our anniversary. but regardless of that, i still got him a sweet card. also bought myself a cute (and sexy) new red lingere outfit, but that story is not to be shared on here! and i came home to a lovely bunch of flowers from him. cant complain about that! we had a great night. i made a delicious dinner, and wore my little outfit for him all night, yes even while we were bumming around on the couch watching tv. im pretty sure he appreciated the hell out of it, he was still thanking me for it today!

oh and also biggish news, we FINALLY booked our anniversary trip to Bali! yay!!! we've been planning to go for ages, and now its all booked and paid for. 2 months from now we'll be pool side with a cocktail and big smiles on our faces. its a present to each other for our 2 year anniversary, that and we havent been on a holiday just the two of us ever! we've got ourselves a lovely new hotel (bit on the budget side, but its brand new so itll still be shiny!) i absolutely can NOT wait!! its going to be the best!!

ok so thats the newest news in my life lately. work has been hella crazy while ive been covering for a couple of people on holidays, so im always wrecked when i get home. but that wont last much longer, and ill have more time and energy to focus on myself and my blog.

oh another cool thing, i FINALLY got a pinterest!! been waiting for an invite for soooo long! the lovely Rose over at http://www.thelondoner.me/ sent me an invite after i commented on her post and i cant wait to get started! mine is www.pinterest.com/princesscaris but i havent pinned anything yet! sorry to disappoint, but ill get there! im also on the lookout for people to follow. cant wait, so exciting!!


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  1. Awww look at the cutie patootie!! Haha I tried writing this last time when it carked it but I didn't recognise Ri straight away :-/ And Jasper looks so super stoked xx