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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


well hello!

hows everyones week so far? i know its only tuesday, but stuff couldve happened!

not much for me im afraid, except for the riveting news that Z and I finally started going back to ZUMBA last night! hahahaha. was hilarious, we're so out of shape and uncoordinated all over again, like when we first started going! its been about 6 months since we last went (naughty) but im so glad we did. was heaps fun, and i feel a bit better for having done some excercise. next Monday is a public holiday here, so we wont be able to go to that one, but we're hoping we still have enough motivation to just go to a different class on another night, rather then skip a week all together.

ooo, but something exciting has happened. my lovely friend H got engaged! whooo hooo!! so excited for her and M! its been a long time coming (theyve been together for almost 8 years) and i cant wait for all the wedding talk thats going to be happening in our little group soon. oh and the ring is beautiful! he did very very well. i wont put a pic of it on here, as im not sure she'd appreciate that, but its exactly what she wanted and shes very happy.

yay for people in love!

hopefully today continues to be a good one!


  1. yeah shes super excited! i bet he his too, but secretly, shes probably more excited. girls always are about wedding stuff arent they? :)