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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Month 3

Wow those 3 months flew by! Everything really started to settle into place after such a rocky end of Month 2 and start of Month 3. What with sorting out his belly issues, sorting out my breast feeding issues, getting a good sleep routine, and moving house, we sure had our hands full! The new month started with Daniel and I getting out of the house for a full day without Declan! man was that weird. but fun! we got him babysat (by Daniel's parents) and went to a music festival (soundwave) to dance around, sing and act like teenagers all over again. It was fun, but extra exhausting! we felt very old by the end of the night and couldn't wait to pick up our baby and head home.

Almost mid month, Declan decided he could sit up! all by himself!! We had him sitting on the couch with us (protected by my breastfeeding pillow to prop him up a little) and Daniel looked down just to check on him, and there he was, sitting up straight unaided and all balanced all by himself! it was such a proud moment. both of us cried!

The rest of the month was just as much of an emotional rollercoaster as the rest. I'm starting to realise that I'm probably going to be an emotional mess for quite a while, and am learning to just roll with it. Went through a pity patch where I felt lonely and like I had no life anymore, but that feeling didn't last. Looking at that beautiful boy everyday sure does help to cheer me up! My dear friend R visited from London and came and met Dec for the first time, and they fell in love with each other! it was magical! Also got to have some time out with just my girlfriends a few times too, that was such a nice break! went to a spectacular hens day for my amazing friend H (one of the friends who organised my incredible 2nd baby shower) and had an absolute blast!

I can't get over how much Declan has changed from when we bought him home from hospital. Sitting up already! He also started to enjoy tummy time a little more, and got alot better at being on his own to play while I got house work sorted (finally!). We started a great (but lazy) routine of when he woke up early morning, he gets into bed with me and we both snooze and play and laugh and feed and smile together for hours and hours (sometimes not getting out of bed until Daniel was home for lunch! whoops) I loved loved that time together and still try to have at least one day a week like that!

Photo time!!

Greatest hand-me-down ever!

Not sure he enjoyed trying on silly hats as much as I did!

So excited and cute!

and SUPER cheeky!

Growing up too quick! hahahaha

Such a big boy sitting up! (but looks so tiny on the chair!)

Well at least uncle Taylor looks happy to have cuddles!

Selfies with Mumma

Bumbo Time!!

Great new bib (via Etsy!) to match his mischevious face

Just chillin in the bath :p

Happy Easter! (another contender for my favorite photo ever!) so happy this boy doesn't mind being dressed up!

my fav ladies at H's hens party! (H is in pink, the rest of us wore white or black) such a fun, hilarious and lovely day & night!

hahaha. after our cocktail course! (which involved drinking a few! look at my face!)


  1. Awww so many adorable pics of little Dec!! I haven't been on blogger for ages and have missed all of your recent posts :( reading them right now! xx

    1. haha thanks! don't rush to read them though, they're probably boring! xx