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Friday, 21 June 2013

Month 4!

Jeepers, how is it that I have a 4 month old already? I thought time moved pretty fast before, but after Declan, everything is moving at lightning speed! It's so hard to relax and focus and enjoy every little moment, when there just isnt enough time in the day, week, month to do so!

So here we are at month 4, April, and what a month it was! Easter, Wedding, Anniversary, friends leaving, friends visiting, everything all at once, and all ending with the heart-wrenching realisation that I have to return to work sooner then we both wanted.

Easter went as usual, we spent most of the long weekend down in Collie with my family after spending Good Friday with Daniel's extended family (that we havent seen since last easter!). It was a great long weekend, and just what we needed to relax. Declan didnt mind being dressed up as a bunny, and although he missed out on eggs this year, we did give him his first tiny little taste of chocolate icing, just so he wasnt missing out on the chocolate fun!

We were back in Collie again the next weekend, to drop off Declan on our way through to Dunsborough (beautiful seaside town about 3hrs south of Perth)  for H & M's wedding! Our first night away from Dec! I thought I'd be more of a wreck then I was actually. I mean, I missed him so much, and felt quite sad, but I left him in the safe hands of my parents, and was really looking forward to the wedding, so I tried not to let it distract me.

The wedding was simply amazing. I have only been to a few weddings in the past, and this was only the third friends wedding I'd been to, but it was the best. Everything was planned to perfection, and looked beautiful. The bride and groom were incredible and it was just the most lovely weekend. We all had an absolute ball and everyone I've spoken to that was there since has declared it the BEST wedding we've ever been to. Just Magical.

Declan behaved for my parents, and they all had a pretty good weekend too. Mum was just so excited to have him all to herself, she shipped my little brother away for the weekend, so she could focus, and constantly had a stream of visitors over so she could show him off to everyone!

Our 3 year anniversary came and went, without too much celebration on the day, however i did get a great digital photo frame from Daniel, which I LOVE. We took ourselves out to dinner (at Rockpool, oooooo fancy!) a few weeks later and it was amazing.

Declan had his 4mth needles, which went well, again no reaction at all to them, so thats a relief for me. Although there was drama on the day he got them. Because, my friends, I did the worst thing ever. The thing that all parents fear they'll eventually do. I LOCKED DECLAN IN THE CAR! all by himself! with my phone and purse and everything, so I couldn't even call someone immediately!!! I think I almost fainted! Luckily, I was still in the medical centre parking lot when it happened, so I ran inside, and through my hyperventilating, I managed to beg to borrow their phone. I dont think I would have had to beg though, they practically threw the phone at me once they heard what I had said. Daniel's store is on the same street as the medical centre, and he was almost due for his lunch break anyways, so one panicked call later, I saw him fly past in the traffic on the way to our place to get my spare key. It was very emotional and dramatic, but seriously over in less than half an hour. Declan, of course, was fine. It wasnt until the last couple of minutes that he started getting upset, until then he just thought it was funny that mummy was making faces at him through the window. Thank god for spare keys, and partners that work close to home!!

All in all, again, it was a great month. Declan was sleeping through the night, in his cot in his own room (most nights) and with each and every day I could see him growing up just a little bit more. Just tiny things, like loving his own feet, blowing raspberries at me, becoming a champ at Peek-a-boo and watching his face light up every morning when I'd go in to get him out of bed. I sure am loving this mummy thing right now, and I'm pretty sure its gonna stay that way!

Now pictures!

More easter fun! He knows he's cute!

Dressed in his best grown up clothes for Good Friday! So beautiful.

Just when I thought I left him in safe hands, I get sent this pic!! Good one dad!

Best onesie from the Best Friend (Jade, ie WA Mumma)

Also an awesome onesie. From an awesome Aunty!

Road side stops to change nappies sure do cheer this guy up!

When your xmas baby is born much smaller then you were expecting, his santa costume doesn't fit til he's almost 4mths old!!

Such a happy, cheeky, amazing little boy xxxx

Fancy dress for the wedding

Beautiful bride & her maids! Congrats H & M!!

Month 5 coming soon! As I mentioned above, we came to the realisation that I would be returnning to work pretty soon. Which made me pretty darn sad most days, but with a great day care all sorted, my sister volunteering to baby sit, and only returning part time at first, I was semi-looking forward to it! More on that soon :)

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  1. Swear to god - that boy of yours is the best dressed kid around (second ONLY to miss riley haha!!) xx