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Monday, 10 June 2013

Month 2

Finally I am getting around to writing these posts! We've had a bit of a hard run of things lately, family wise (more on that at a later date) so I haven't really felt like writing any posts, but I am determined to get back to it!

So month 2 was wonderful (as I'm sure I'll say about every month!). It started a little rocky with Dec having some stomach issues and breast feeding issues, but a change in his backup formula (I say backup as I was still determined to breastfeed even though it was very tough and heartbreaking at this point, so enter formula as a substitue for the times when I could just not feed him no matter what we tried!)

I got more and more used to leaving the house with Dec in tow, and actually started to enjoy it too. Daniel headed back to work after a glorious 6 weeks at home with us, and that was a bit of a struggle to get used to. Eventually things got better and we started to get a real good routine going. Of course, nothing stays stable for long, and by the end of the month we had moved house! Our rental was up for sale, and we are still not in a position to buy (even though I would have LOVED to) so we moved into Daniel's parents "spare" house (they had just moved to a new place and have not sold this one yet). We're renting from them, but at a cheapish rate and hopefully we can sort ourselves into a better buying position soon so we dont have to mooch off them for too long!

Once Decs belly got sorted out, he was like a whole new baby. Much happier and sleeping alot better. He had his 6 week needles and check ups with no hiccups and we were all starting to relax a little and enjoy our new little family.

Dec started smiling! like proper smiling, not just from gas. It is mainly after a feed though, when hes  all milk drunk, but its so so beautiful. He isnt much of a fan of tummy time, but hopefully that will get better with more practise!

We got his hands and feet molded and I cannot wait to pick up the frame when its all ready! It's going to be so great to have that precious memory of how tiny your hands and feet were at this age.

By the end of the month, we were getting 6,7 and sometimes 9 hour stints of sleep over night! yay for my sanity! although, with that, he started to not nap during the day. and had taken to screaming in my face alot during the day. Cue the stress and anxiety all over again! I was a bit of a mess a few days here and there, but I knew deep down it would pass, and Daniel was always there to calm things down and make sure we were both ok.

All in all, it was a better month than month 1, as I felt I had more control and more of a routine. Declan is a wonderful baby and I am really really lucky that I scored such a happy and easy bub!

Ok, so enough of the long recap, I know that really we're only here for an update in photos - so here goes!

First Australia Day in his Bonds singlet!
Went through a few very sooky days where he would only sleep on me!
Beautiful baby blues (except they look sooo dark in this pic!) and such pretty pouty lips!
Day out in his "big boy pram" (ie - not his bassinet) still looks so tiny though!
I just love love love this photo
Cheeky smile!! Love this little grin. He looks like he's up to something!
Still so tiny x
Recovering from his needles. Was a little grumpy bum that afternoon, but had no reactions or sickness from them.

Oh he's definetly up to something in this photo! and boy was it smelly!!

Sometimes shopping with mumma isn't very interesting :p
Possibly the greatest photo ever! (well this month anyways!) such a beautiful smiley boy

Fun times with Dad :) 

Cheeky monkey!
Sweet naps in the car. Love those pouty lips!

Spent a good 30 mins trying to capture the "perfect" photo to use with his hand and feet moldings, and this is the look I get! Thanks Dec!
Well that concludes Month 2! Sorry it took so long, hopefully Month 3 won't take as long to post!!

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