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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

so its been a while...


yes im still here, and im still pregnant! nothings gone wrong, i just took some time out to focus on everything thats been going on lately and prepare for our life change coming up. its been 2 months since i last blogged! shocking i know! so theres a bit to catch up on. ill try and keep it brief and try harder not to be too boring. i also have to apologise for my lack of pics too, i have a few to go through and post, but i havent been as vigilant as i should be with taking them, so theres big gaps between time and whats been going on.

ok so last time i blogged was september, just after a work friend had passed away. that was a pretty dismal note to leave off on, but thats how life goes. then october came and went, heres a little update on what went down :

30 weeks!
my bump finally popped out properly and i actually looked pregnant instead of just suspiciously overweight again! yay for making it to 30 weeks! at this stage, everything is going swimmingly as bub was just getting bigger and bigger. as was i! it got to a point where my doctor mentioned i had put on a bit more weight then maybe i should have and that i now needed to change the hospital i chose to birth at as they didnt deliver for anyone with my now high BMI. bit of a bummer, considering we were happy with where we chose and were all booked and ready to go. in the end, its worked out for the best. the hospital we got moved to is much much newer and nicer and we feel very happy there. we've been and had our ante-natal classes, had a tour, met the midwives and are now very confident and reassured about our situation. at a check up last week though, it turns out that my original GP had my height recorded incorrectly by 4 cm (making me shorter!) and my BMI isnt actually too high to birth at my original hospital!!! but like i said, we're much better off and happier with the second choice, so no more complaining! i have also curbed my eating better and managed to not put on anymore in the last 2 months, which im very happy about.
i knew when i got pregnant, that since i had been obese for most of my life, i was likely to put on more then the average woman is recommended to, and i was prepared for that, and somewhat ok with it, i just wanted to make sure my baby was ok. and since my doc wasnt giving me any indication previously that my weight gain had been a problem, i assumed everything was fine. i do wish that the doc had maybe given me more guidance, or more of a warning about gaining too much weight, but in the back of my head, i did know that youre not "supposed" to gain too much. anyway, baby is fine, ive stopped indulging and have been looking after myself alot better, and its full steam ahead!
ok where was i, oh yes, october. well, in even more sad news, my beloved grandfather passed away just before daniels birthday. he had been sick on and off for a few years now, heart problems and a cyst on his leg that would not heal. not to mention, with my grandma passing away almost 2 years ago, he had become a very sad and lonely old man very quickly. he wasnt alone, he had moved in my my aunty (his 2nd daughter) full time and always had loving family members around him to care for him, or even to just sit with him (he wasnt much of a talker, but he loved having people with him all the time) but he was still lonely. after spending over 60 years married to the love of his life, it was very hard for him to get used to not having her around, or to get used to sleeping alone. its quite sad, but he was ready and had been telling all of us that he just wanted to see his wife again. he had a fall which resulted in him coming up to perth to be in hospital with a fractured neck. they managed to fix that, mostly, and even installed a pacemaker for him in hopes that it would help his heart and maybe give him a few more better months or years with us. he then got transferred back to our home town hospital where family were with him every day, but in the end it was not enough and he passed away peacefully in his sleep late one night. like i said, very sad for all of us, but in a way, a bit of a relief for him. we miss him terribly, and my heart breaks for my own dear father who now has had to bid goodbye to both his parents. of course, my dad is always very much ok and a 'get on with it' kind of guy, but we could all tell losing his father hit him pretty hard. they were great friends and very much alike.
grandad with 3 of his 4 children. my dad, aunty christine and my aunty laurel. he looks happy :)
one of our best pics of grandad. at his happiest in the sunshine fishing on my dads boat. his favorite place to be. RIP grandad xx

oh, and i just wanted to share a couple of my most favorite pics. my grandad used to have his own dark room and take/develope his own black and white pictures. it was only a hobby, but he was amazing at it, and we have tonnes of pictures to treasure because of it. these baldy babies are me (on the left) and my cousin Courtney. we are only 5 weeks apart in age (which resulted in alot of people assuming we were twins rather then cousins!) and for a while there i think we were grandads fav subjects to photograph. theres tonnes of sets of pics of just me and her hanging out on a blankie in his backyard, happily playing while he clicked away.
ok, enough sadness, like i said, grandad died just before daniels birthday. his 30th birthday! which was a little bit of a bummer, since i had to miss most of his plans to head home and be with family, but he still managed to have a great birthday. he caught up with friends, we went to dinner with his family, played with his new bluray player/hd recorder and his new coffee machine (i bought him a nespresso!) and i suspect he actually enjoyed turning 30.

of course, i made him a cake! well kinda, its brownies (at his request) but i decorated it like a cake!

OMG! so cute! his youngest sister and her fiance went on a holiday to Hawaii and bought us back this amazing outfit for our bub! cant wait to se him in it!
ok, thats pretty much a summary of october, so much more happened, but i didnt take pics to keep track, and my memory isnt so great. you get the gist! now onto november!

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