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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


onto a quick catch up for November!

november so far has been super fun. ive had both my baby showers and got absolutely spoilt rotten and treated like a queen by my family and friends and ive finished work for maternity leave! yay for 4 weeks off to nest and prepare for baby. its been great, getting organised (well at least trying to) and kicking back and trying to relax.

table decor at my 1st baby shower in my home town with family
my mum threw me an amazing baby shower at home with all my family invited. the above pic does not do justice to the amount of work and effort she put into the deocrations, and of course the food is always amazing when mums catering! it was a wonderful afternoon and we all had a really great time.

bub got spoilt! we got some amazing presents and some really thoughtful handmade treats too.

including this box of treats! a close family friend put this together for us, its indivdually boxed "baby cupcakes" in each cupcake there were bibs, socks, singlets and a few muslin wraps. all neatly rolled up and pinned so carefully and beautiful displayed in a colorful box. i was really touched at the amount of time and effort that she put in to make this for our baby. its wonderful.

these are seen everywhere, i think even most florists sell them now. its a nappy cake! my "work mum" (haha close friend that ive worked with for several years) put this together herself though, buying all the supplies and making it for us. its incredible. the bottom layer is two layers of teeny tiny nappies, wrapped with 2 muslin wraps, then the next layer is more wraps, singlets, booties, mittens, socks and bibs. plus theres a few baby toiletries and of course a rubber duckie! i love it so much i havent been able to bring myself to pull it apart just yet!

pedicure time! for my birthday, Z bought me a voucher to get an "Ultimate Pedicure Package" at a local day spa. what a great gift! i very very rarely go and get my nails done, let alone my toes, and a whole package at a fancy day spa is just not something i even think of, so this was a real treat! Z thought itd be nice for me to have nice toesies for when i got to hospital for bub, and shes right, who wants to be looking at their manky toes while trying to give birth?!? shes also a nurse, so sees manky feet all the time, so maybe she was just making sure mine were nice for the nurses who will be looking after me. haha! whatever her reasons, it was absolute bliss. they really looked after me and my feet feel and look amazing. unfortunately, they didnt have any blues to paint my nails with, so ive got glittery pink. but its a beautiful colour by Butter London and i love it.
2nd baby shower! the food was incredible!

my hosts H and Z! my amazing friends put together an even more amazing baby shower then i thought possible! we had the best time, and the girls did a wonderful wonderful job. i really couldnt thank them enough! we had a fun afternoon of games and food and presents and love.

this is everyone! im so thankful for everyone that could make it and celebrate with me. it really was a great day and i felt very special and spoilt by everyone, even though theyre really there for baby!

we received some truly wonderful presents and the nursery is now choc full of stuff! i dont know where to fit everything! ill find a way im sure, but right now its rather daunting and im taking a few days off to recover before i tackle it.
latest bump pic! im 37 weeks as of today! big baby!
its DPants as a baby! naww look at that little face! i would not mind at all if bub turns out to look like him, hes absolutely adorable in this pic! so sweet and innocent hahaha!
course with our luck, bub will look more like this version of D rather then angelic one above! hahahaha. he actually looks alot like his still (cept for all the hair of course) especially when hes had too much to drink! hahahahaha.

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