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Thursday, 5 April 2012


happy early weekend everyone! why is it early? well because its easter silly! which means a super extra long weekend, and i for one, CANNOT WAIT!

it all starts tonight...

Z, a friend from work J, and I are all going to see the re-release of Titanic in 3D tonight! we're heading out to dinner first which im sure will be lovely, then off to relive our love for Leo and Kate and the dramatic spectacle that is that movie. Now, I gotta be honest, i didnt LOVE titanic when it first came out all those years ago. i wasnt a massive Leo fan back then (cmon i was only 12!) and for some reason i just didnt get all caught up in the hype of it. but since it got announced that they were releasing it in 3D, ive started to feel all nostalgic and excited about it and i can not wait to see it again. it really was a beautiful movie, i love love loved all the costumes and the detail they put into every scene. its going to be awesome. and since ive gotten all mushy in my old age, i just know im going to cry! waterproof mascara for sure tonight!!

is anyone else going to go see this while its at the cinemas again??

so thats going to be a great start to my easter weekend. we've got a bunch of family gatherings to get to, including a Good Friday seafood lunch with the side of D's family that i havent even met yet! and of course, we're squeezing in a trip down south so i can make sure to spend some time with my family also. theres talks of a night out at my aunt & uncles farm, which will no doubt feature lots of laughing, drinking and table tennis! my cousins bub, Jaffa (not his real name of course, but he has just started to call himself this by accident. and its adorable, so we're hoping it sticks!) hes only 2, but hes decided he loves ping pong, and is always trying to play. nevermind that the table is level with his nose and he can barely reach over the table! he has dad to help with that!! and you know what? im so terrible at it, he'll probably kick my ass!!

only a week til our bali trip! wow thats come quick. and im only jsut now starting to think of everything we have to do and sort out before we go. its full on. but im excited and am already counting the days til we're on that plane and celebrating our 2 year anniversary just the two of us!

hope everyone has a safe and happy easter long weekend, no matter what youre all getting up to for it!! promise ill make more effort to take lots of quality pics to share when i get back!!

:) Caris-L

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  1. Ditch D and let me come to Bali with you instead :-D PS - just got flashbacks to watching Titanic when it first came out! I feel old :( xx