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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

2.5 days to go!

happy wednesday everyone! wow wednesday already. gee when you get 2 holidays and a weekend in between, the days really do just get away from you! 'scuse the lack of posting, but i was off enjoying a nice break from work. (which is silly because im about to go on proper holidays anyways!)

how was everyones break? mine was lovely. hectic though. there was alot of family time to fit in in those 4 days, but it was great all the same.

ill start with thursday. titanic was awesome. i hadnt watched that movie in about 10 years i reckon, but it was still awesome. i loved it. the 3d was a great touch, but not too distracting, and boy had i forgotten just how cute lil young leo was back then! wow. we had a great time. we laughed and sung and danced and gasped and cried and had a blast all at the same time. im so glad we went and saw it.

as i said before, friday we were having lunch with D's dads side of his family. the side of the family i had never met, even though we've been together near on 2 years (next week!) and some of the family i met, while theyd heard of me, they had no idea we'd been together so long, or even that we were living together! so i guess D and his parents keep their lives quiet? im not sure. but it was a great day. we had a lovely seafood lunch with everyone, and sat around laughing and talking and watching the kids play. theres 10 great grandkids on that side already, but theyre all boys! not one little princess in site!! but the boys were all adorable and well behaved. was a great day.

saturday morning, we were up early so i could make my potato salad for our next family lunch that day. my potato salad is delicious and is starting to become my "thing" whenever someone has a dinner or lunch that we're invited too. and i dont mind. its really simple. its just potatos, boiled eggs, bacon and avocado. the dressing is what makes it awesome. but i dont even make that. im super lazy, i find the shortest way possible to make something. so the dressing comes from a packet. and its black pepper, garlic and parmesan flavoured. yumm!

look at all that bacon!! well i was cooking for 12! we went round to D's other grandparents place for a lovely lunch with D's sisters and partners and uncles and everyone. its a lovely little family group and im super happy to be a part of it. theyre all so nice to me, so i think that means they like me! we were celebrating not only easter, but his nan & pops 75th birthdays (both their birthdays are within a week of each other) and to celebrate, they cracked open the bottle of Moet that they had received as a present for their 50th wedding anniversary a few years ago! what a way to celebrate! it was such a great day. we were all full and tuckered out by about 4pm, so we left and spent the rest of the day/night on the couch being bums. we had a drive to my parents place to face in the morning, so we really werent up to doing anything saturday night.

so up early again we were on sunday. to make the 2 hr drive down south to spend easter with my family. we were roped into taking my sister and her fiance in our car too, so at least the drive wasnt boring! we got 'home' around 11.30am and from then on it was more and more food!

my family paid absolutely no attention to me saying i didnt want chocolate this year! haha i should be thankful. even though i said i didnt want it, im sure a part of me wouldve been disappointed if i had received none at all. mum also got us some fresh new bath sheets! love them! and me and my sis scored $20 off nan each too! yay!!

we had a nice family lunch, just us and nan and pop. mum had cooked a roast lamb and had all the roast veggies and everything to go with. and considering she has NO kitchen at the moment, it was quite a feast! i dont know how she did it with just a camping style stove and a webber, but she did and it was delicious!!! i get the suspicion that the novelty of cooking outside and having no kitchen sink and everything is starting to wear off though. specially when her camping sink broke half way through the dishes and covered all our feet in dirty dish water! yucko!! we then just had a nice afternoon of relaxing and not doing much of anything. me and D did have plans to go out to my auntie's ''farm'' and visit, but we were full and tired and bumming around on the couch seemed like a better idea. turns out, we missed out on seeing my cousin J and her beautiful babies, and since i havent seen them since xmas, i was a little bummed. but it was my own fault for being lazy! we'll see them again soon anyway no doubt!

back to the city on monday, seemed like we had hardly spent anytime at home all weekend. after a quick visit to my grandad in hospital, we managed to get out of town and back to the big smoke by 1pm. which was nice coz it meant we still had the afternoon to sort all our washing and organise ourselves for the week. hate getting back at like 7pm when theres no time to do anything cept have dinner and go to bed!

so washing was done, and i loosely started packing for our holiday. not real packing, just sorted what i wanted to take and what needed washing into piles on our spare bed. that kinda counts doesnt it?

capped the lovely long weekend off with a very very bright nail polish job to wake me up whenever im about to fall asleep at my desk! not long now!!

promise ill be better at taking more pics soon! and therell be plenty from our holiday!!

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