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Monday, 2 April 2012

happy monday!

no really, it is a happy monday for a change! cept for the weather. a little less rain and wind please, my hair does not behave in these conditions! seriously, it looks like i straightenned my hair in the dark this morning! grrrrr. but anyways, yes happy monday.

apologies for my lack of posting, i had been struck down with the dreaded flu for almost all of last week and am still recovering. but for the first time in a while, today i can smell and taste and breathe through my nose again! so happy day for that!

how was everyones weekend? mine was fabulous. i probably shouldve taken it a bit easy, since i wasnt well still, but ehhh. friday night was spent in, with DPants and JBB (otherwise known as J) we watched that Ryan Gosling movie, Drive. which im still not sure if i liked or not. it was odd. and very violent. just when i was about to complain that nothing was happening in the movie and that it was a bit boring, WHAM blood! so i guess it got exciting. it wasnt boring, or terrible. it was just odd. and not really my thing.

saturday, DPants and I went book shopping for our holiday. i still have a bunch of unopenned books that i got for my bday and xmas, so i didnt end up purchasing any. but D got a couple (cant even remember what) and then we headed into the city. He was there to pick up his comics, i was shopping around for the perfect cobalt blue jeans. which i had been searching for, for like forever. i had seen them at a local cotton on store ages ago. but didnt buy. now that i actually wanted them, i couldnt find them anywhere!! went to 5 different cotton ons! all the while looking in other stores for similar ones that would do. but nothign!! arrrgghhhh!! i hate when you have the perfect item of clothing in your mind, and you decided that you HAVE to have it, and NOW and NOTHING else will do. drives me crazy! anywho, in the end I FOUND THEM! at the 6th cotton on store! i had to get a size bigger then i would normally wear, but theyre skinnies, so still fitted well, and they were onsale for $30 so score!

(top Kmart, jeans CottonOn, shoes Target)

 i found them! whoo!! so happy with them. theyre just exactly what i wanted. scuse my posing, im still not very good at outfit pics. this whole outfit is a bit of a budget one. with the top from Kmart only being $15, the jeans were $30 and the shoes were $30 too! i went out on the town with Z and a couple of her friends on saturday night. we went into northbridge and danced the night away. we had a blast, but man am i getting too old to be out til 4AM!!!! thats right. we didnt get back to Z's til 4. after 3 clubs and a pit stop for food at 2am, we were wrecked! my poor feet were so sore all day on sunday!

the always lovely Z. trying to pull off her sultry look. hehe she looks so cute. and her hair was adorable. not sure what brand her dress is, but i know she got it while she was working at myer. its hard to tell in this pic, but its acutally a really nice light lemon colour with brownish gold leaves on it. so pretty.

sunday i drove myself home at around 9am then went back to bed for a couple of hours. had to get up and get ready for a bbq that me and D were going to at a friends place. it was a pretty nice afternoon, albiet a little chilli, but we had a great time relaxing with friends. played a few rounds of pool, play with their new kitty "snuggles" and then we all went for a big walk around a new housing display village thats close to their home. was lovely walking through the new homes and dreaming of what me and D could eventually have. pffft, yeah right! if we won lotto maybe! but it was still nice to look.

the adorable snuggles. who is also affectionatly known as "boof" since shes so boofy! im not a huge fan of cats, but kittens are adorable and alot of fun to play with.

all in all it was a great weekend. we were both knackered by the time we got home last night and in bed by 9pm! was a early night, but we needed it.

now we've just got a short week, easter, another short week to get through, then we'll be off to Bali! cant wait!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear you've been ill! I hope you get back to normal soon! Loving these photos - especially those gorgeous blue pants!

  2. I just LOVE this outfit! And zay does look adorable too xx