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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Top 5's

well I was going to do my "Top 5" things, like TV shows, bands, movies, etc....but theres so many that I love its REALLY SUPER hard to narrow down to 5...I will try though....and I would like to point out that they are in no particular order, my #1 of things constantly changes..

British TV shows

Doctor Who
The Mighty Boosh
Black Books
(Honorable mentions - Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Torchwood, Skins, The Young Ones)

American TV shows

Gossip Girl
How I Met Your Mother
Family Guy
(Honorable mentions - Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Buffy, Entourage, The Walking Dead)

British Comedians

Ross Noble
Craig Ferguson
Noel Fielding
Russell Brand
Ed Byrne

Other Comedians (mostly Aussie)

Paul McDermott
Adam Hills
Carl Barron
Randy & Sammy J
Mikey Robbins


Foo Fighters
Blink 182
Birds of Tokyo
Alice Cooper
The Killers
Dashboard Confessional
Fall Out Boy
The Flaming Lips
Joe Cocker
Lily Allen
Pink Floyd
Rage Against the Machine
Snow Patrol

HAHA that got out of hand! told you there was too many to cut down to 5! my top two would absolutely be Muse and Foo Fighters though :)


Empire Records
Blues Brothers
Cat in the Hat
Harry Potter Series
Love Actually

Mentions - snatch, labrynth, hot fuzz, pulp fiction, dogma, pirates of the Caribbean series.


Dave Grohl
Lars Ulrich
Travis Barker
Dominic Howard
Taylor Hawkins

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  1. Look who's on Blogger :-D Yayyyyyy! Hahah I like how you mentioned only 5 top bands - oh, hang on a sec.... xx