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Friday, 6 January 2012


well my morning started off a little more abruptly then I would normally like. For whatever reason, my iphone did not sound my alarm at the normal time. Or at any time. For no reason that I can find. The alarm is set, the sound is up, but nothing. My alarm tone is the Doctor Who theme music from the David Tennant (love love him) series, so its impossible to sleep through! So I was rushed. And I hate feeling rushed. But, now at work with mocha frappe in hand, I'm feeling calmer already. Lets hope today is a good day!

And since I'm heading out to dinner tonight with friends, I washed my hair this morning. I don't normally do that on work mornings coz my hair literally takes hours upon hours to dry. Also my hair goes ridiculously curly and fuzzy after being washed. Fun Fact, after working here for almost 5 years, NO ONE has seen my hair curly at work. I straighten it every day. So today will be fun!

So glad its Friday, although its been a short week, its taken an incredibly long time to get through the last 4 days, and I cant wait for a break. Tonight, as I said before is dinner with friends. It's for my sweetest friend Z's birthday and I cant wait. A bunch of us are just heading out to a local chinese restaurant, will be kinda low key, but its going to be great.

Nothing much else planned for the weekend so far. Hoping it will be filled with lots of Harry Potter, cuddles with DPants and maybe a nice meal or two out. We havent had a date night for quite a while now, maybe I can convince him Saturday is the perfect night for that? Or cook him something delicious at home?

Happy Friday!

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