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Thursday, 5 January 2012

welcome 2012!

new year! how exciting! my xmas and new years holiday season went pretty darn awesome. I love ending the year with a happy and relaxing time spent with my amazing family and awesome friends. I got a good haul of presents this year (mostly coz mum let us pick our own!) and got totally spoilt by DPants' family (i think they like me!) new years was a nice realxing house party with great food, friends and fun.

also had an extra xmas celebration with a great lunch party with my extended family. (we cant always see EVERYONE on xmas day) we've only done this 2 years in a row, but its becoming my favorite xmas thing to do. we have a secret santa and a big lunch and lots of laughs and love. most of my cousins have had children, so theres always alot of babies (some not so little anymore) to play with and try and snap photos of their gorgeous faces.

merry xmas everyone!

xmas lunch :)
new years :)
some cousins & babies chillin

not to sound douchey, but i LOVE this outfit. its my new obsession. oh and DPants looks pretty good too :p

me receiving my present from "Santa" (who in this instance, is my 17 yr old cousin. what a champ)

hope everyone had a great holiday season! back to work for me, ive only been back for like 3 days and am wrecked already.

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