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Tuesday, 29 May 2012


hi everyone thats still out there! i know ive been quite absent in the last few weeks, but i do have an explanation, and a pretty good one i think. theres been a new 'developement' in my personal life and i have been resisting the urge to post about it straight away, well because we're still adjusting to the news, i havent informed my workplace yet, and well its still fresh, but ive decided i cannot wait any longer! so for those of you that havent guessed yet, DMan and I are HAVING A BABY! (whoa thats still weird to say(type) out loud!)

We found out a few weeks ago, and I'm about 11.5 weeks along now. Which makes me due around the 19th of December! Hello Christmas Baby! the 19th also coincides with my late grandmothers birthday, so thatd be a nice little way to change what that day means to our family!

But yes, as i mentioned, we're still adjusting to our news. It was something that we had planned for way down the track, once we'd bought a house, gotten engaged and maybe married, and we'd grown up and sorted our lives out a bit, but fate will not have that it seems! so yes, big surprise, not something we're prepared for, but we're still very happy and excited to be having this experience. and besides, who's idea of how their life should go ever really works according to plan anyway?

and as i said before, i have not told my workplace yet. im saving that for when the big boss gets back from holidays (just a week away, i want to tell him first before anyone else since he is the dealer principal) and i havent made a facebook announcement yet either. but i have told my entire family, and all my closest friends, so thats whats important.

so far, everythings been going well. no morning sickness as such, more like evening sickness. but no actual rushing to the bathroom to throw up or anything like that. just a faint nauceous feeling from time to time, but other then that, and my already super expanding chest, everythings been going well. we've had one ultrasound already (see pic below) and seen jellybean's little heart fluttering away. and im scheduled for my 12-13 week scan on the 15th, so hopefully we'll get to hear her/his little heart and see a bit more of a baby shape!

so yes, thats my big news and the reason behind my absence. now we're on to organising our life in 6 mths to prepare for this bub to come along and change everything! (for the better!) DMan is on the hunt for a new, higher paying job, we're sorting out our money so that we can buy our house (we're renting off one of my managers at work, but he wants to sell, and we want to buy = perfect arrangement basically!) and then itll be onto organising all our junk so we can find room for this baby to fit in! we have a 3 bedroom house, but its small with not alot of storage, so im scouring pinterest all day long for storage solutions and nursery ideas!

big exciting scary and nerve wracking times ahead! but we're lookng forward to everything thats about to happen and are very positive about this whole thing. DMan's gone into "man mode" where all hes doing is worrying about money and practical things, like making sure the house is ready and what not. its sweet. and of course, hes doing a great job of taking care of me, even though not alots changed just yet. im not even showing yet!

oh, and for anyone thats curious about how i will deal with having a lapband while pregnant, im actually visiting my specialist next week to discuss what actions need to be taken. but basically, its perfectly safe to carry a baby whilst having a lapband. it doesnt need to be removed or anything. we will need to monitor how "tight" i am, and make sure im eating enough for the two of us to be healthy, but besides that, it will be business as usual. there is no risk to the baby with me having this foreign object in my body, as long as i continue to eat fresh healthy and substantial food. which is great news! and of course, it will help with getting the pregnancy weight off when ive finally had the bub! not that thats the most important thing of course, but it is a bonus!

Everyone meet Baby Edwards!

as you can tell, theres not much to see yet. this was taking around my 9 week mark, so the little thing was only about 2cm long! but he/she's definetly in there and alive and well so far! we're not 100% sure about finding out the sex, DPants really wants to, I'm on the fence about it. My family have made it very clear that they do not want to know, but i dont know if i could hold it in if im gonna know the whole time! but im coming around to the idea, afterall, itll still be a surprise even if we find out early! at least it will help narrow the name list down a bit!!



  1. how exciting! my baby boy was born on dec 22 last year and was due on dec 16! so excited for you!


  2. hi! thank you so much for your lovely comment! yes very exciting times ahead. although im kinda hoping mine isnt late, i want to be out of hospital by xmas! but we'll see how things go, im just impatient i think! thanks again x