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Monday, 16 January 2012



How was everyones weekend? Mine was super busy, and was awesome. After a long and boring week, I was really looking forward to having a nice weekend with friends. Theres a bit of a mish mash of photos, so bare with me while i try to describe whats happening in all of them... (oh and excuse some of them that are poor quality, theyre taken with my iphone...)

So the weekend started with my good friend Nate's 30th Birthday Burlesque party! Was hilarious, and we had a great time dressing up and catching up with friends :)

This is how my makeup turned out....such a shame that i had to put my glasses on over it!

 This pic demonstrates D's awesome photography skills. it WAS supposed to show my full costume get up, but he caught me at the wrong moment! Thanks DPants!
 And this is the lovely D! He looked super adorable all dressed up, was a very proud moment hehe :)
 Our fabulous entertainers for the night. One of Nate's friends organised our "ladies" and they put on a fantastic show! They were hilarious and entertaining, but also extremely good at what they did, I'd kill to be able to dance half as good as they did!
 This small pic taken by a friend, shows my costume a bit better then D's pic! Im not usually a fan of costume parties, and I was quite nervous about how short my skirt was and how tight my top was, but in the end i thought i did a good job at sticking with the theme, and i was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it all was!
 Me with the birthday boy! I've known Nate for...oooooo... about 14 years now, and hes a blast. We dont hang out or see each other anywhere near as much as we should, but we'll always been friends no matter how much time or distance it is between visits. Hes a wonderful person and a great friend, and i was so happy to be celebrating his birthday with him.
 This was my outfit for Saturday lunch at the pub with D. After spending 3 hours Saturday morning cleaning the house while D swept our entire patio and outdoor area, we decided to treat ourselves to a lunch out at a local pub. nothing fancy, but the food was delish and of course so was the company. This pic is pretty crap, you cant see it, but its a shortish dress stops above my knees) and its actually satin. Id never worn it before, because when i bought it D wasnt a fan of the ruffles, but he seemed to like it Saturday, specially when i added the belt, so it was a winner. it was light and breezy, and considering how hot its been lately, i loved it. will definetly start wearing it more!
 Had to take a pic of my awesome cocktail slushie that accompanied my lunch. it was called a "strawberry blonde" it was nice and refreshing and delicious, plus D paid an extra $4 and we got to keep my glass! the bottom had 3 lights in it that you could change the colour of, or make it flash all the different colours at the flick of a button. And, once you purchased the glass, all refills were $5! score!!
 This is actually a pic from my work xmas party in december, the only reason ive added it, is coz this is the outift i chose to wear to drinks in the city for a friends birthday (another Nathan!!) on Saturday night. I failed to take a pic before we left, but this is literally exactly what i wore (shoes and bag and all) so the pic counts! Drinks in the city was great, i decided to be an awesome girlfriend and be designated driver for D and his best mate J. We didnt have a super late night, but it was nice catching up with everyone and having a chilled session in the warm night in our city.
 Sunday, was my once a year, day to be a bogan, and to be proud of it! As i mentioned earlier, me and my dad go to a car show, Motorvation, every year together and its our little father-daughter tradition. we love it and always have a great day. here you can just see dad admiring one of his favoritist cars of all time, the 1971 Holden HG Monaro. Dad owned one of these way back in the day before he'd even met my mum (so over 30 years ago!) and he still has quite a soft spot for them. I gotta say, its one of my favorite cars also, but maybe thats dads influence!
 Got absolutely ripped off in the beer tent though. $9 for a MID STRENGTH (ugh) vodka mix that tasted like ass! Was nice to chill with dad and his mate Dave in the beer tent, since it was such a hot day and we were trying to stay out of the sun.

Then it was time for the REAL fun to start! This was the whole reason we braved the sun and crowds. The final of the burnout comp is always so much fun and awesome to watch. its loud, smelly, dirty and smokey, but we love it. we always sit so close to the action, that we have to duck every time a tyre explodes, just in case a chunk of rubber flys into the crowd (which it does very often)

 So this is what happens when you sit to close to the action! By the end of the burnout comp, our faces, arms, legs, EVERYTHING were absolutely covered in black specs of dust and rubber! We look disgusting, but compared to some people who were sitting closer then us, we looked great! My darling dad isnt happy until his face looks like this at a comp, he feels like hes been ripped off if he doesnt get covered in rubber! It was hilarious!
 Close up of the side of my face at the end of the day. This side was dirtier then the other, coz i kept turning away everytime a cloud of smoke and rubber came near us (hey i love burnouts, but not a fan of smoke in my eyes!)
 And i couldnt resist taking a shot of what i looked like once my sunnies came off! And this is what went home to D! poor guy! pretty funny though, i was so hungry on the way home, but could not bring myself to even go thru a drive through looking like this!

As luck would have it, D's parents were over at our house when I got home! Awesome! last thing i wanted was for them to see me like this! But they just thought it was hilarious, and we all had a great laugh about it. I only said a quick hello and ran straight to the shower, trying not to touch anything on the way!

So all in all, it was a wonderful weekend. I was super tired and today i could NOT stop yawning, but it was all worth it.

Lots of stuff happening this week to i think. Its my best friend R's last week living here before she moves to London (for 2 years!! sad) and we finally booked in with my artist to get our tattoos before she leaves! itll be her first so she was a little scared and hesitant, but has finally decided its now or never and is FORCING me to get one with her! (haha not that i needed much persuasion, i love tattoos and always have an idea of the next) I will post pics when we get them done!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Will put in more effort then last week and make sure i post more often!



  1. Look like you had a lot of fun :)) Nice to see smiling people :D
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  2. Wow, what a fantastic and busy! weekend! I love the theme for the party - that is so fun! You looked great!