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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fun times ahead :)

well happy Tuesday everyone! hope the week so far is treating everyone well! My week so far has been pretty normal, just work and nice relaxing home time. Monday, my bestie R met me and my work mate J for lunch at our local lunch bar, which was lovely. i dont get a very long break, but its still fun to see her for that half an hour and have a catch up in person.

the rest of my week is about to get super busy, we're in countdown mode too. its only 6 days until R leaves for London and im trying so hard to not think about it and get sad. shes going away to work, so will be there for at least a year (maybe 2!) and its going to be super sad to see her go. im so happy for her, shes so brave to follow her dreams and dare to try something different, but man is it sad that shes going. we've been friends since day one of year 8 (when we were both still 12!) and remained friends (albeit on again off again sometimes!) all through high school together. we had a falling out shortly after i moved to perth (when were 19-20ish) and ended up not speaking for a few years (big misunderstanding, sad and silly, but it was the break we needed i think) but over the last 18mths or so, we've patched things up and have been having an absolute ball being best friends again. dont know what id do without her!

so yes, big plans for the week ahead. tomorrow night, me, R and Z are heading to our friend H's place for dinner, and for a Skype tutorial with H's boyfriend M. we're all pretty computer savy, but none of us have ever used skype and we all wanna learn before R leaves, so that we can do it while shes gone! its more just an excuse to have dinner together, but ill be happy to get shown the basics and learn some skyping tricks for the future.

thursday is going to be super big night for R. Im taking her to get her first tattoo! yay! shes been thinking about one for years, and was with me for my first, so when she decided that she wanted us to get one together before she leaves, i jumped at the chance! its going to be so much fun (a little painful) but fun! we're going to my artist, since i dont trust anyone else to do her, or me for that matter and are both getting birds. we're not going full matching, since we have different tastes, and we're getting them in different places, but its still going to be "our" thing that we're doing together as a goodbye present to each other. will post pics once theyre done, hopefully R will let me share hers with you all!

friday night we're heading out to our favorite club Mint. its a great little place, thats cute and girly and friday nights is Retro Night! which is just the best! they play all our favs from the 90s and some from the 80s. And we dont leave until we've danced our butts off to our top 6 "must hear" songs! they are as follows=

MMMbop - Hanson
Everybody (Backstreets Back) - Backstreet Boys
Wannabe- Spice Girls
C'est la Vie - B*Witched
Got the Feeling - 5ive
Jump Around - House of Pain

Dont laugh! you know you all love those songs! its hilarious fun and we always have a ball. so i cant wait to go one last time with R before she leaves!

Saturday night is R's going away drinks. a small group of us are meeting for an intimate dinner first, to get all the sad out before partying the night away drinking with friends at a great bar just outside the city. my bestest bestie is coming up to stay from our home town down south, and we're going to have a blast. its been a while since Jade (http://www.2-jaded.blogspot.com/) has been up in perth to party with us girlys (since my birthday in september actually!) so we're all looking forward to it so much. R is touched that Jade has organised a baby sitter and is driving all the way up here just for her goodbye drinks.

Sunday will be a recovery day me thinks, but with my parents coming up to stay the night (in preparation for a doctors appointment with my little bro in the city) I will be catching up with them for a late lunch or quick dinner if either of us can fit it in. should be lovely. mumsy's been a little mopey, since me and my sis were home so much over xmas and new years, she goes through withdrawals when we finally come back to the city. i love to go down and visit them as much as i can, but january is always a busy month, so i might not get the chance to go home til february. at least thats when mums bday is so thatll keep her happy!

hope everyone has a great week :)


  1. It definitely sounds like there are a lot of big things coming up in your life. I wish you luck on learning how to use Skype - I'd probably be terrible with it as well! Also, I very much approve of your song choices, especially Hanson. :)

  2. have finally had my first skype date with R while shes in singapore. and it worked brilliantly! i loved it. hahahaha and i love Hanson! and noticed that you love them too! yay! <3 xx