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Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Weekend

My weekend has been a good one. Not super busy, but not totally boring either. Will share some pics with you -
Friday night chinese dinner with friends. It was our bestest friend Z's birthday during the week, so we all caught up for dinner at a place called Yummy House. And boy was it yummy! delicious food, great company. was a really really fun night. we went out for a drink at a bar down the road afterwards, but since DPants has been a bit sick all week and its been a busy couple of weeks, we left soon after. a great night all round despite that though.

Saturday morning was spent organising our costumes for a friends 30th birthday coming up. The theme is burlesque, its going to be hilarious! along with this get up, i have purchased more interesting tights, lace gloves and a facinator. Hope it suits the theme well enough. DPants is going pretty low key with his costume, but really, what is a guy supposed to wear with this theme?!? Hes gotten black pants, black button up shirt, white suspenders and a white bow tie. he looks pretty damm fine if you ask me! but im biased.

 After all our shopping and costume designing, we needed a nice big lunch and I needed a cocktail. We headed to the bar at our local shopping centre and i had some delicious gartlic prawns while DPants had some thing called chicken galliano. was chicken with saffron rice, a bunch of mushrooms and some delicious sauce all over it. I cant quite remember what was in my cocktail, but it was yummy and refreshing.
at home after our day at the shops i decided to give my clothes room (our spare bedroom) a bit of a clean out. I refound my daria shirt that came free with the boxset i got recently and realised i hadnt even tried it on yet! im not a big tshirt wearer, coz i detest anything that close to my neck, i feel like im choking! but at least i know now it fits and i could wear it around the house or to bed or something. i love it!

also while cleaning, i rediscovered my empire records shirt i made years ago for a party. i love this top! on the back it reads "Damm the man, Save the Empire" i was so excited to discover that it fits again. ive been losing quite alot of weight over the last 2 years (the story bout that is for a whole different post!) so its been fun to rediscover all my old clothes that fit again. most of the stuff is waaahaaaaay out of fashion and i probably wouldnt ever wear out of the house, but its still good to know its all there when i want it!

Saturday afternoon was spent with best friend rachaella at my place with her computer and iphone, trying to upgrade and update all her stuff and music before she moves overseas (she leaves in like 12 days! very sad) we also watched some daria, had some drinks and ate about a tonne of dip. was a great way to spend an arvo. DPants made us a delicious mexicana dinner and we watched Captain America. I love that movie!

Today was a bit of a lazy day, i slept in while D (DPants is getting annoying to type all the time!) finished playing his new Zelda came that his awesome girlfriend (ie me) bought him for his birthday. Then we headed off to the movies to see the new Sherlock Holmes. Was a great movie. we had a great time. After that, we went and visited D's parents, since i stil hadnt seen them or had the chance to thank them for all my chrissy presents (boy was i spoilt!) we scabbed some afternoon tea and had a nice coffee and catch up.

And now im all full up from dinner (mexicana leftovers), D's gone to bed (always this early, he gets up at 4.30am for work!) and im all settled on the couch watching Bran Nue Dae on tv. I love this movie. its hilarious, but thoughtful at the same time. was very well done. everythings perfect except the neighbours stupid dog will not shut up with all the yappy barking and im seriously ready to knock on their door and complain. or you know, bitch to D and this blog about it and try to ignore it. Maybe itll go to sleep soon? Lets hope so!

Hope everyone had a great weekend :)

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  1. Firstly - WHO did you say was your "bestest" and "best" friend was again?? I believe you mis-spelt "JADE"!! Love the burleque costume xx