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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


well the last couple of days have been quite non eventful, and i have been wearing quite a severe pair of grumpy pants since the weekend so pardon the lack of posting. worst thing about these grumpy pants is i dont even know why ive got them on, or even worse, how to take them off.

a couple of great things have happened over the last couple of days though, one being the amazing dinner i made last night (that i failed to get pic of, whoops, maybe will take a pic of the leftovers i have tonight, if it still looks yum) it was fettucini pasta, with garlic olive oil, chicken, marinated fetta, basil & bell pepper pesto, roasted sweet potato and pine nuts. it was fresh, healthy and delish. DPants was very happy with his girlfriend choice last night!

the other great thing was a video message i received from my ABSOLUTE BESTEST (is that good enough J? hehe) friend Jade (http://www.2-jaded.blogspot.com/ check her out, shes AWESOME (oh and shes probably ready this, hence all the emphasis on how AMAZING she is)) on Sunday night. She is the mother of the most adorable little princess, Riley and the video i received was our darling practically running to the tv! She's just turned 1, and was starting to show the signs of walking a couple of weeks ago around her birthday, but oh boy is she on the move now! what was even cuter was that How I Met Your Mother was on the tv, and she just launches herself across the room at it. She loves Barney already, just like her mumma, bless. It may sound gushy, since im only her pseudo aunty, and i barely get to see her anywhere near as often as i'd like (Jade and I live 2 hrs apart, sniff) i am so super proud of her! shes growing up so fast and i cant wait to watch all her other milestones as she hits them! (oh and i am also super duper proud of Jade and the mother that shes become, not that i had any doubts, and im not just writing this coz i think shes spying, but i really am super proud. im not sure i couldve handled motherhood at our age the way she has, and im so glad that Riley's here for me to practise on before me and DMan even consider babies)

so there, the 2 most exciting things in my life since monday. other than that, its just been work, home, dinner, tv, sleep, work, home, dinner, tv, sleep repeat repeat.

looking forward to this weekend though, and the next weekend after that too.

this weekend is my friend N's birthday party. which is the burlesque themed one that we were getting costumes for last weekend. Im super excited and cant wait to dress up and dance the night away. Hopefully I'll remember to take some good photos. Saturday is going to be at home day, im going to clean, wash, tidy and then relax with a harry potter movie or two. DPants is going to his best mate, J's, house to nerd it up with video games and Skyrm talk, so itll be nice to have the house to myself for a change. Sunday is going to be spent at a quite bogan car show with my dad. and while some may cringe at the thought, and sometimes i may be a little embarrassed to tell people about it, but i look forward to this tradition with my dad. its our day together to be bogan and perve on cars and sit in the sun watching drag races and burnouts and we attend every year. just the two of us. my mum and sister are so not into cars or anything to do with them, and neither is the DMan, but im secretly glad that its just me and him. I adore my dad and really really love spending time with him (specially since ive been living away from home for 7 years) and, judging by the smile on his face, i get the feeling he feels the same. i have always been a daddy's girl, and not that i dont get along with my mum, or that i love her any less, me and dad are just more alike i think, and we share more of the same interests. we're very similar, which is why we used to fight alot when i was a ridiculous teenager, but not so much anymore. im sure i still drive him crazy, and he still drives me mental sometimes too, but thats ok.

wow that did turn quite mushy didnt it? sorry, went off on a tangent. im like that whenever i start talking about my family. we're the best and im not ashamed to tell people about it.

oh and to add to my grumpypantsness - ive tried 3 times to insert a pic with this post and it wont work!! grrr face!

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