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Thursday, 5 January 2012


Taking inspiration from my besties blog, www.2-jaded.blogspot.com, I thought I would tell you 5 random things about me to start this off...

1-I'm a country girl at heart, but have been living in the city for almost 8 years. I love it up here and wouldn't move home, but I visit as often as possible. Which brings me to...

2- I love my family. I know most people say that, and I'm sure they mean it, but seriously, my family is awesome and amazing and funny and caring and supportive and the absolute best family ever. Sure sometimes we don't get along, but I adore all of my family, extended family and cousins and extras included and I could never imagine not having them in my life

3-I'm a massive huge almost obsessed fan of british tv. Mostly comedy, my fav comedians, bands, tv shows and entertainers are british. I think it may be linked to the accents, they're so wacky and posh and varied and I can't help but giggle every time I hear one.

4- I am a slight tiny bit of a bogan. I'd love to lie and say I'm a classy one, but that's not always true. I love cars, tattoos, and drinking. I can be loud, obnoxious and sometimes a bit feral. But I try very hard to keep it in order and I am always nothing but respectable to other cultures, religions and people who may be different to me.I try and great everyone fairly and don't believe in casting anyone out. Hey, if someone's nice to me, I'll be nice back. I treat everyone the same way I want to be treated. Simple as that.

5- Im obsessed with weddings. I'm not engaged or getting married soon or anything, but I just love the whole excitement that would go into the planning and actually having the wedding. The boyfriend is aware of my obsession, and thankfully he doesn't seem to mind all the wedding magazines around the house and the occasional discussion about what I want in the future.

So there we are. Random stuff, but true to me all the same :)

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  1. Woop woop I inspired you for something for the first time ever :-) Usually it's me finding/copying stuff from you xx