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Monday, 16 December 2013

Month 6

wow 6 months can fly by when you're having fun can't it? this month bought my official return to full time work, Declan's first round of gastro and the worst nappy rash ever, more teeth, 6 mth needles and a whole lot of love and fun in between!

my return to work went better than expected, but it was just a whole new level of tired and exhausted to get used to! Declan was settling well at day care, and after catching a bit of everything (the flu, a cough, gastro, conjunctivitis) we managed to settle into a pretty good routine. the gastro was horrible. but it wasnt anywhere near as bad as the nappy rash that followed. my poor baby. he was hating everything at that point, even sitting up for too long hurt his little bottom, and after several trips to the doctors, plus asking multiple chemists for advice, we finally found a cream that worked and cleared everything up pretty quickly! he grew another 2 teeth pretty quickly and with not much fuss, and even handled his 6 mth needles better than I'd been told he would. just a quick cry and then all better after cuddles. and no reactions or side effects, so happy with that.

best part about this month though? he said his first word! and it was "MUMMA" yay! honestly, it wouldnt have mattered if he'd said mumma or dadda first, we were just so excited to hear him say an actual word! of course "Dadda" quickly followed and now we can't get him to shut up about it! hahaha. its the sweetest noise in the world listenning to him call out to me through the monitor in the mornings. or, on the mornings when hes woken up in our bed with me, his little eyes blink open, he looks straight at me with a tiny smile and whispers "mum" at me. its just the best feeling ever.

he's finally in his own cot most nights (he always starts in there, but on the odd occasion, specially when sick, he still ends up in our bed) and surprisingly, hes even sleeping through, probably 4 nights out of 7, so not bad baby boy! keep it up! he still isnt a fan of tummy time, but is happier to play alone, and is loving his walk-around table so much! I'm always so torn between being so excited about how big he is and all the new things hes learning, to being sad that its all going so quickly and hes changing so much every day. luckily, we've been taking a million pictures constantly, so we'll have a pretty good record to look back on!

Everyone loves new pjs! and Elmo!

Declan was shocked when we discovered his secret identity! hehe

Thanks for the new toy dad! when my feet touch the ground, I'm sure I'll enjoy it even more! (never mind the mess in the background :/)

With new teeth comes a new love of rusks!

Still not keen on any sort of pureed food though!

Our beautiful baby boy on his 6 month birthday. We'd thought we'd celebrate by taking him on the swing at the park for the first time. He loved it!

Declan scored some hand me down toys from his cousin Jasper. He loved them both! They remain at my parents house so he has different things to play with when we're there. Saves having to bring everything every time!

My sweet cousin N came round to do a 6mth photo shoot for us, these are a couple of my test shots (taken on my iphone) he looks so sweet and grown up in his sneakers!

Not every photo was a success though, and most of the day was a disaster. Declan was in no mood to have his picture taken! we were lucky N managed to get a few really great ones in between all the tears!

She did such a great job with such a grumpy baby! Hoping he behaves better for pics around his 1st birthday!

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