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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

date night!

well hello everyone! hows your week going so far? i didnt do a end of weekend post like i have been lately, since my weekend was so dull! i mean, i wanted it to be low key, and boy was it! nothing happened saturday, i just bummed around at home cleaning and watching harry potter (still slowly making my way through my box set!)
saturday night, DPants went out for a boys night, first time in forever! so of course i didnt mind having the house to myself for a few hours. til it got to much later and he still wasnt home and i was bored and boozed from my bottle of wine. wanted to get some sleep, except that without DPants in the bed, i couldnt fall asleep! he got home around 4am, and i was still awake. fell straight to sleep while he was telling me about is night though!
sunday was another bum around the house day. i slept til 12, then we went off and saw the muppets movie with some friends. i love it! was so funny. sunday night we just had leftovers for dinner and both had an early night. it was dull and low key and lovely.

my week has been going pretty slow. work is busy because of end of month and ive been in a funk due to god knows what, so imagine my surprise and delight when the DMan texted and said he was taking me out for dinner! and he refused to tell me where we were going, so it was a cute little surprise! it was a restaurant we've been to before, a lovely seafood place that has amazing crayfish (lobster) dishes and it was such a cute little mid week surprise!

 1st attempt at a pic of my outfit. dress is strapless and has a sweetheart neckline. i got it from target for a steal. its actually a little bit big around the top since ive lost more weight since i bought it, but i still love it.

more outfit pics. taken by DMan. wow i got the crazy eyes happening in the 2nd pic! oh and dont mind the messy kitchen in the back ground!

 date perfume! my boss got me a great little Dior sample set when he went to south africa last year and i still hadnt got around to using this one! theyre tiny little bottles, so its great to be able to carry it around in my clutch. hypnotic poison was the first one i used, and i love it so much i used it all up very quickly! DPants loved this one too!

my DELICIOUS crayfish! i orderded the half crayfish mornay. and it was amazing. there were many other things i wanted on the menu, but couldnt go past ordering my beloved cray. DPants ordered butter chicken. (at a seafood restaurant!! doofus) but he was pretty happy with his choice. (look at his crazy face!) we had a lovely dinner and it was so nice to be on a date during the week :)

my yummy strawberry liquour sundae. it was so good. ice cream, whipped cram, almonds and strawberry goo was the perfect way to end my great meal. the DMan was too full after his butter chicken to order dessert, or to even share with me, and i was happy with that! he just chose a nice dessert wine to sip on while i inhaled my sundae.

all in all it was a great night, and im still all smiley about DPants' surprise date night. Now on to get through the rest of the week. its going to be ok though, tomorrow night im going to Z's for dinner (shes cooking!) and then thursday night Z and I are meeting H out for dinner (not sure where yet!). nothing planned for friday night yet, but saturday im heading back down south to collie to spend some time with my family. its my cousins baby's 2nd birthday on sunday, and i cant wait for his little party! hes the cutest kid ever, will be sure to get some great photos!

have a good week everyone!


  1. Love that second pic of you! Haha I'm glad you called Dan out on his crazy "mmmm FOOOOOOD" face haha xx

  2. Yummm looked great! Love that cheeky target dress too :)