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Saturday, 28 January 2012

and now, as promised....my tattoos :)

a couple of weeks ago i mentioned that i will do a post about my tattoos. as i said earlier, my friend R chickened out of getting her first before she went overseas, and i was going to getting a fourth one while with her. but that didnt end up happening either. it will happen eventually, thats for sure. i only have 3, and always have ideas for a few more in the pipeline.

just thought id share the ones i already have....try to ignore the poor quality of the pics

 this was my first. its my "tramp stamp" in that its located on my lower back just above my butt. i got it just after i turned 18, and i still love it. love it so much. its a little small, but i was quite scared about getting it done, the pain, and was scared i would regret it if i got it too big. in hindsight, i definetly shouldve got it bigger and with maybe more detail, but i love it. and i will never regret it.
(oh and that pinkish smudge in the top left corner? blame DMan and his ridiculous photography skills AGAIN! his damm finger got in the way this time!!)
 this is my 2nd. its placed on the inside of my right wrist. for those of you who dont recognise what it is, its the southern cross. a constilation that can only be seen in the southern hemisphere. and its on our australian flag. now this style of tatt has quite a bad reputation over the last few years. i got this way back in 2006, before they were considered quite so "bogan" and trashy. my story behind this is, my ex matt and i had only been together for about 8 months when he started planning to move back to england (he was born there). i already knew when we started dating that that was his plan once he finished uni, so i wasnt surprised, just sad and not ready to let go of our relationship just yet. so when he asked me to come with him, i of course said yes and started planning to leave my life, my family and my friends behind. i got my tattoo to have a 'little piece of australia' with me while i was away from home. my ex hated tattoos (even though he knew i had one when he started dating me!) and was already having doubts about me coming with him to the uk, so he called it off. we didnt technically break up (and he ended up moving home after a few months and we stayed together for almost another 2 years) but he changed his mind about me coming with him, and went alone. left me with no idea of when or if he was coming home.
whoa sad sack story. sorry for getting side tracked! so yeah, while this tatt may have some sad memories attached, and may have a bit of a stigma about it (thanks to the dudes who caused the cronulla riots a few years back!) i do not regret getting it. again, its probably a little small. but i love it, and its a good reminder of where im from and who i am. and to stand up and be who i want (not who my ex wanted)
and now onto my latest. my biggest. and my favoritist! i got this only a few months ago, around my 26th birthday. i planned to get it as a celebration of losing 50kgs, but by the time i got around to designing it and booking it in, i had lost 60kgs! its a symbol of starting new, a new beginning, a new Caris. its on my ribs on my left side. and goes from my hip to just under my boob. i love it so much, its perfect. this pic doesnt show the colours very well, but its bright and lovely. and theres so much detail in the feather, its beautiful!

so there they are. hope i havent scared anyone off with the amount of skin im showing!


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  1. I really want to get another tatt :( Just need to make sure of where I want it grr. You'll need to help me decide (and then come with me again!) xx